Jelly eyeshadows

Are you ready for this jelly? We think so! The jelly makeup trend is setting the beauty industry and your social media feeds alight right now as a new effect that gives you your time to shine (literally!). Slick-looking textures created with jelly makeup are forging their way into our beauty routine as a major trend and may even dethrone matte and highlighter glow finishes. Want to know more? Keep reading!

We're ready for this jelly... makeup, that is  


Jelly makeup owes its name to the fact that its finish has a gelatinous aspect—in the best sense of the word. It gives your visage and transparent sheen that goes way beyond a bronzing glow. Jelly makeup provides greater coverage than glossy finish makeup and fans say it is much easier to apply.

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But be careful! Go light-handed with this makeup or you'll look more soggy than slick. That’s why experts recommend applying it to strategic areas, such as the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Further proof that this trend is here to stay is the fact that major brands such as Farsáli, Too Faced, NYX Cosmetics, and Elf have launched primers, highlighters, eye shadows and even lipsticks with a jelly finish.

The easiest and most subtle way to wear the trend is of course with a heavy, glossy lip 

How to wear jelly makeup

The key to using jelly makeup is to not just apply it heavily all over your face, and instead concentrate on key focal points. On eyes, you can use your usual waterproof shadow or eyeliner before applying a fun layer of jelly eyeshadow. For lips, hydrate and exfoliate before slathering on a lush layer of jelly lip color. 

Look for products with the words dewy, gloss, glass or jelly in the name - like Beauty Bakerie's InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation seen above 

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, whose clients include Hailey Bieber and Ashley Graham, has a special way of applying it for a more subtle look. She slightly mattifies the T-zone, the sides of the nose and the chin, to give the face more light before using. 

You can also mix and match various texture trends. Nicolás Berreteaga, who is part of Dior’s makeup team, told Elle Mexico that he loves to pair a dewy face with matte lips instead of a gloss. “The contrast between the two textures creates a very interesting vibe,” he explained.

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