Jennifer Lopez

Get your holiday bod workout ready just like your favorite Latinx stars

JLo, Eva Longoria and more share how they get into shape

Candy, pumpkin, turkey — oh, my! Autumn has arrived. With it, all the glorious food and candy we can eat (and handle). But just because we are going to be surrounded by all this delicious food doesn’t mean that we can’t maintain our bangin’ summer physique. So in the spirit of the holidays, we are taking a page out of the workout books from some of our favorite Latinx stars: power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Brazilian model and beauty Adriana Lima, Baby Santi Bastón's mamá Eva Longoria and actress-activist America Ferrera.

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Whether you’re pumping iron like A-Rod and Eva, pushing weights like JLo or planking your troubles away like Adriana, there are so many effective and easy-to-do workouts that you can do from home or your nearest gym. Taking some time to workout will always help you feel better in the end, regardless if it's as little as a 15 minute walk around the block or as hard as Jenny from the Block's killer workout routine (weights, ropes and all!). So as your prepare to ‘fit-this’ into your tummy, don’t forget about your overall fitness either!

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