The secret to Camila Cabello's envious glow is this $20 mist

The singer's makeup artist reveals all her beauty tips!

Lately Camila Cabello has been ~glowing~. And sure, it might be because she's currently caught up in a whirlwind romance with heartthrob Shawn Mendes (shout out to all you #Shamila shippers!), but it's also because she has a kick*** beauty routine. And according to her celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire Ash K. Holm, it's incredibly easy and affordable to get that Camila glow. 


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Camila Cabello's makeup artist swears by Cover FX's Rose Quartz and Defense Mist

The main product Ash swears by is Cover FX's new Rose Quartz and Defense Mist. The makeup artist—who also works with other A-listers like Shay Mitchell, Kim Kardashian and HOLA! USA's September cover star Becky G—says it's all in the spritz. "It just feels so fresh on the skin, [and using] the elixir mist when you're done with makeup takes away any 'makeup-y' feel that my client may be feeling with the layering of products," she told Popsugar of the beauty product which retails for $20.


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As for how she uses it, Ash suggests two spritzes: one before applying makeup and a second after you've finished. According to her, this will "lock in moisture" and give you that coveted dewy effect that's perfect for any up close selfies. The product also contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid (for moisture) as well as Algae and phytoplankton extracts (for protection against pollutants). 

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The product gives the Havana singer her dewy glow

Besides the mist, Camila's makeup artist also revealed she uses three other products on the singer. She uses a "pea size" of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer ($30) followed by the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil ($55), which works best around the nose and mouth area. And finally, she tops it off with Cover FX Mattifying Booster Drops ($45) for a mattifying effect on hot and humid days. There you have it—the beauty recipe for Shawn Mendes' attention picture-perfect skin!

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