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Achieve Kate Middleton approved hair with these volumizing and frizz-free hair products

When it comes to summer hair, effortless beach waves and bouncy, voluminous strands come to mind – read Kate Middleton. However, that’s often easier said than done thanks to limp hair and the mane (see what we did there?) summer issue – humidity. Thankfully, brands like R+Co are taking these hair concerns into consideration and blessing us with products promising to add volume and keep us away from the embarrassing poofiness and pesky flyaways that come with humidity.

Kate Middleton's gorgeous bouncy locks are what hair dreams are made of

Meet Moon Landing, an anti-humidity spray, and Balloon, a dry volume spray launching July 1st! While Moon Landing is a lightweight spray that coats and tames frizz while repelling moisture, Balloon instantly gives volume and texture with an ultra-light finish so you can forget about your hair feeling weighed down. It’s a win-win situation thanks to the effectiveness of each product.

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Visualizing the Duchess of Cambridge’s gorgeous locks, we seek products that will give us body and volume sans feeling like we can’t pass our fingers through our strands. Best of all – it’s quite simple to achieve the look as it only involves a couple of steps.

Thanks to a volumizing spray and anti-humidity spray, you too can achieve her signature hairstyle

To get Kate-approved hair from the comfort of your home, simply shake Balloon and apply at the roots for volume. To further enhance the voluminous effect, flip hair over and spray from mid-lengths to ends, and voilà! Now, to finish off your style and keep it free of unwanted frizz à la Duchess Kate, a spritz or two of Moon Landing will seal the deal for that coveted smooth hairstyle.

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So there you go! Now you don’t have to fawn over the royal’s covetable signature hairstyle - you can actually achieve the ~look~.

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