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Spanish singer Rosalía shows off fierce gold nails from new 'Aute Cuture' music video

When it comes to thinking outside the box with her beauty and style Spanish singer and songwriter, Rosalia takes the crown. Her cool-girl, edgy style embodies her modern interpretations of flamenco music. Known for her single Malamente, the 25-year-old beauty continues to wow us with her fun and unique beauty choices. When she isn’t making hits with J Balvin, Pharrell Williams and James Blake, she’s rocking her high pony and fierce nails. Actually, the Spanish star has a claw-obsession and her latest post proves it.

The Spanish singer shows off claws done by Juan Alvear

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Recently, the Aute Cuture singer showed off her gold-inspired jeweled nails done by nail artist Juan Alvear. Known for his artist touch, the nail tech created a special mood board for the music video where he highlighted a single rose, thrones, and 3D art. Talk about a masterpiece.

Juan Alvear's nail mood board for Rosalía

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This isn't the first time the 25-year-old singer has blown us away with her vibrant and Latina-approved nail game. Like a true beauty queen, Rosalía is always showing off her latest nail art. Whether she's going for a bold and claw-inspired look or a colorful rainbow-like feel, we'll keep taking notes on her artistry. 

The gorgeous songwriter showcasing her nails Photo:@rosalia.vt

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