Rosario Dawson and Emma Stone

Guess which affordable beauty product Rosario Dawson and Emma Stone are both obsessed with

There’s nothing like bonding with your girls over your favorite beauty products, wouldn’t you agree? As it happens, Rosario Dawson and Emma Stone are both fans of this drugstore lip balm you’ve likely seen a gazillion times when shopping for toothpaste. It turns out the Rent and La La Land actresses are both admirers of Burt’s Bees lip balm, and even had a “love-fest conversation” about it, as Rosario tells Allure magazine. “They have a really great tinted lip balm, and Emma was like, ‘Oh is that this color?’ She totally knew what it was,” explained Rosario.

Rosario and Emma have bonded over their favorite Burt's Bees lip balm and even had a "love-fest conversation" about it 

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“We ended up having this whole love-fest conversation about Burt’s Bees, and how it’s made accessible this conversation on health, ingredients, and our relationship to our environment — even just with the name, Burt’s Bees,” she continued. It should be noted this lip balm is easily accessible for the budget-friendly price of five dollars. The Puerto Rican-Cuban beauty has a new partnership with the all-natural brand which makes perfect sense as she’s a true believer of being one with nature and the importance of one's well-being.

The Puerto Rican-Cuban beauty has a new partnership with the natural makeup and skincare brand

Furthermore, the 39-year-old activist is a perfect fit for the brand’s latest campaign, Force for Nature, which aims to inform consumers on the significance of biodiversity. As part of their commitment, Burt’s Bees has chosen to support the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation – an organization whose mission is to expand on biodiversity research and conservation initiatives.


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The Studio 189 co-founder is no stranger to taking the lead in causes that matter to her. The Latina Powerhouse is an all-around activist in the political and entertainment fronts, and her dip into the beauty industry is long overdue. As for her skincare routine, the mom-of-one loves to meditate while she masks (wearing a facial mask). Rosario also told Glamour her “top rules are drinking water, getting good sleep and exercising.”

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