Vanessa Hudgens

Every April, music lovers and fashion gurus come together for the love of music at Coachella. The three-day event which lasts for two weekends is known for hosting celebrities, influencers and all festival-goers. The unofficial “Queen of Coachella,” Vanessa Hudgens teamed up with Amazon to curate her top must-haves buys, style guide and expert beauty tips for the perfect festival experience. As a loyal Coachella attendee, Vanessa admits she too, sometimes forgets to pack essential items, hence her revolutionary partnership with Amazon.

 The Queen of Coachella showing off her sun-kissed skin

Lucky for us, customers can order their must-haves and have them delivered straight home, an Amazon locker or a pickup point. Between packing glittery makeup goodies and sparkly over-the-top kimonos, remembering to bring sunscreen can be easily forgotten.

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Vanessa is sending her festival must-haves to an Amazon locker on the Coachella camping grounds

“This year, I’m buying all my festival essentials from Amazon's new Coachella shop —! I’m having it all shipped to an Amazon Locker inside the festival grounds. GENIUS, right?" captioned Vanessa. We couldn't agree more!

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The most important beauty product for surviving festival season is sunscreen. Not only is it the number one beauty weapon for combatting sunburns, but it keeps your makeup fresh. 

“I always run out of sunscreen because I end up sharing it with everyone, or sometimes I realize I forgot things that I want,” Hudgens said. Remember to invest in a sunscreen such as Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray and a hydrating chapstick like Kiehl 's Lip Balm #1 ladies! 


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