Ximena Navarrete

Ximena Navarrete is known for her spectacular style and beauty. The 30-year-old Mexican actress and former Miss Universe is also a social media star who continuously impresses us with her fashion and glowing makeup looks. This fabulous woman is definitely #goals! Her makeup and gorgeous eyebrows have caught the attention of the millions who follow her on her social media channels. We wanted to know how to achieve her eyebrow look, so we did some research. Here are some expert tips the certified makeup artist Adline Sánchez gave HOLA! USA, on how to take care of your eyebrows so you can achieve her look!

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The former Miss Universe wows us with her gorgeous brows. Photo: Instagram/ximenar

 "A good eyebrow tech that you trust is very important when it comes to getting your eyebrows shaped for the first time," the certified makeup artist Adline Sánchez, told HOLA! USA.

Remember that shaping your eyebrows is the foundation of how they will look. Try not to over pluck them, but if you make that mistake, the makeup artist recommended to apply Castor Oil, as this will help your brows grow quicker. To really achieve a fuller look, you could use several beauty products like brow gels, pomade and brow pencils.

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Ximena Navarrete rocks this beautiful pink lip shade. Photo: Instagram/ximenar

Makeup is the key to achieve bold brows, especially if they are naturally sparse. To get a natural look, use powders and pencils. This will create the look of individual hairs and it will appear as if your eyebrows are fuller. 

If you are trying to achieve the "Instagram brows" or very dramatic dark brows, like Ximena's, Adline Sánchez suggested: "Use a dipbrow pomade with a small detail brush". "Start off with a pencil or powder to add shape, then add the pomade," she added.

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Ximena Navarrete shows off her gorgeous makeup look. Photo: Instagram/ximenan

Brow gels are great to use because they hold the hairs in place and can add a bit of tint and dimension. The Riverdale actress, Camila Mendes, claims that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel helps her tame her eyebrows

Lastly, Sánchez gave us this piece of advice: "Keep in mind that the most crucial factor is shaping and maintaining the brows. Try to use tweezers to pluck away stray hair, but remember to never overdo it. Makeup will enhance the brows you already have."

It's all about trying what works best for you! Attempt to use a variety of products ranging from gel to powders and see what fits your personal look.

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