Ivanka Trump's makeup artist Alexa Rodulfo reveals the first daughter's beauty secrets

As she lives her life in the public eye, businesswoman Ivanka Trump pretty much always looks polished and picture perfect. Behind her flawless appearance is makeup artist Alexa Rodulfo, who has worked with President Trump's daughter for more than a decade.


"Ivanka is elegant, but at the same time casual," Alexa told HELLO!'s sister brand hola.com. "She does her own day-to-day makeup and hair" Photo: Instagram/@alexarodulfo

Mexican born and a New Yorker at heart, Alexa is the secret behind not just the #beautygoals set by the first daughter, but also the chic looks of other high profile women such as Princess Charlene of Monaco, Margherita Missoni, Tatiana Santo Domingo and Lauren Santo Domingo. The makeup artist – who is a blogger for HELLO!'s Spanish-language sister, ¡HOLA! Mexico – let Hola.com in on Ivanka's beauty secrets.

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When it comes to looking good, Alexa revealed that Ivanka already has the healthy habits one needs for a great canvas to start with. "Ivanka is someone who eats nutritious foods, exercises regularly, doesn't smoke and protects her skin," she said. "That's a really important factor when it comes to her skin looking perfect."

Alexa's fabulous skills could be seen when Ivanka appeared at the Republican National Convention last year Photo: Getty Images

The two have a collaborative relationship on choosing a beauty style for each special occasion. "I love working with her because even though she always knows what she wants, we both give our opinions and agree to a look," said Alexa. "In some cases, she’ll show me the dress she’s going to wear, I’ll suggest an idea, and she’ll say, 'I was thinking the same thing!' Once we agree on something, I get to work while she’s on her computer or reading the newspapers."

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As far as Alexa's go-to makeup styles for the statuesque blonde, "I always accentuate her cheekbones with contouring and the product I use depends on the lighting and whether the makeup is for video, photos or a gala." To put the focus on Ivanka's eyes, she generally likes to make them pop with a smokey look in café hues.

Alexa was also responsible for the stylish businesswoman's wedding makeup when Ivanka wed Jared Kushner Photo: Getty Images

But now that Ivanka has swapped the Big Apple for Washington, D.C. can we expect her to change her look? "I don’t think so," opined Alexa. "Ivanka really is a woman who is elegant, yet at the same time casual. She does her own day-to-day makeup and hair." The makeup artist was, of course, behind Ivanka's inauguration weekend style in January. "I’ve been fortunate to accompany and work with Ivanka during important moments of her life," she reflected. "Every look in its moment has been special, and that one was, too."

Here are five more things we learned about Ivanka from her MUA:

1) Ivanka's favorite looks: "The makeup she wore for her wedding is very special, but I think that most recently it’s the one she wore to the National Republican Convention."

2) Her nightime no-no: "She never wears makeup to bed."

3) Her natural beauty trick: "She likes to drink hot water with lemon."

4) Her favorite makeup trends: "Luminizers or highlighters."

5) Her international beauty routine: "Before applying her makeup and after washing her face, I tone and hydrate her skin. I use a collagen mask that Wendi Murdoch, a friend of Ivanka and one of my clients, brought back from China. Sometimes I use some products my friend Chris brings back from Korea."

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