'Parenthood' actress Erika Christensen announces she's pregnant – and expecting a girl

Parenthood actress Erika Christensen is about to enter, well, parenthood! She has announced that she is expecting her first child – and has even revealed that it's a girl.

Sharing a photo of her new rescued pup on Twittershe wrote, “This boy is getting a little sister. A human sister. She'll make her first appearance tomorrow at #Confirmation.”


The Parenthood actress showed off her pregancy at the premiere of her new project, Confirmation Photo: WireImage

As promised in the tweet, the TV star debuted her sizable baby bump on Thursday at the Hollywood premiere of her HBO movie Confirmation. The 33-year-old glowed in a form-fitting gown showing off her soon-to-be bundle of joy.


"It's a really fun accessory," she joked with Entertainment Tonight about her bump. Discussing her changing body, the expectant mom said, “I thought it was an automatic thing, you just lost control of your body, like, the pregnancy just took over — that didn't happen.”

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Being pregnant has also altered the actress's workout routine. She said, "I was like, well, I'm not going to be running, that seems rude. So, [I’m] keeping [fit by doing] elliptical and walking. I just felt like continuing my lifestyle.”

Erika tied the knot to cyclist Cole Maness back in September after getting engaged in November of 2014. The couple announced their marriage in a fun Instagram post captioned, “True story. We got our rings and did the d*mn thing. #weddedbliss."

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