Elle MacPherson's secrets to aging: I stopped drinking and taking aspirin

International supermodel and actress Elle MacPherson sure makes 50 look good.

To celebrate her recent move to Miami to live with her hotel magnate husband Jeffrey Soffer, the TV host and lingerie designer reveals her secrets to aging youthfully in a November Ocean Drive magazine cover story.

"I didn't feel any kind of milestone pressure turning 50 at all, perhaps because I've been preparing for this stage of my life for a long time," the mother of two told the magazine. "In my 40s, I started to focus on health and wellness; I stopped drinking and taking any drugs — even aspirin — and I began really cleaning out my system."

The Australian beauty hit her milestone 50th birthday in March and hasn't looked back.

"By the time I hit 50, I didn't feel any sort of plateau physically, and it didn't feel like a shock emotionally either," she said. "It wasn't like, 'Oh my gosh, I’d better get myself together before I turn 50;' it was more like I was reborn."

In addition to shedding alcohol and drugs from her diet, Elle attributes her holistic approach to health - which she's followed ever since she was a little girl - to her continued well being.

“Being Australian, I grew up with a holistic perspective on life," she explained. "When I was a little girl, instead of going to the doctor, I went to the chiropractor or the acupuncturist. As I matured, I adopted a reasonably holistic approach to health and wellness. When you’re young, beauty and youth go hand in hand, but as you age, wellness and beauty go hand in hand.”

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