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Fashion icon Marisa Berenson sits next to Kylie Jenner at Schiaparelli fashion show

Berenson was in Fashion Week, attending the Schiaparelli fashion show.

The Schiaparelli fashion show was one of the highlights of this year’s fashion week in Paris. The event was attended by all manner of fashion icons wearing their most bold and daring looks. Some of the highlights included Schiaparelli icon Marisa Berenson, who sat next to Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat.

Berenson was dressed in a white suit and took a selfie with Jenner, who wore a striking black dress with a life-like lion’s head perched on her shoulder. Jenner’s dress took up much of the spotlight, especially considering that a similar version of the dress was worn by Irina Shayk as she walked down the runway. Berenson and Jenner took a picture with Doja Cat, dressed from head to toe in red, and Diane Kruger, who wore an elegant black dress with white patterns on it and a beret.

Private View OF L'Exposition Margherita Agnelli At L'Unesco In Paris 1996©GettyImages
Berenson in Paris in 1996

Berenson, who’s an actress and model, is also the granddaughter of Elsa Schiaparelli; one of the major European fashion icons. She spent her youth surrounded by icons like Greta Garbo, Salvador Dali, and more. While she later became a renowned actress, starring in beloved films like “Barry Lyndon” and “Cabaret”, it took a while for Berenson to completely give herself up to acting, thinking she had no talent for it, and thus focusing more on her career as a model. She achieved many things, among them, becoming the first model to do a first nude shoot in Vogue.

Marisa Berenson©GettyImages
American actress Marisa Berenson in Capri, 1968

“They had plays they put on and we were obliged to get up on stage and do things. And I remember running off the stage crying, because I was so terrified. So you can imagine I never thought it would ever happen,” she said in an interview with The Guardian when discussing her beginnings as an actress. Berenson continues to model and act to this day, appearing in musicals, and theater productions. She has seven projects in development as of this writing.

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