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Latina founder Rossy Sánchez finds success with Anabella Shoes

The Venezuelan designer shares the latest news from her brand.

Five years ago, designer Rossy Sánchez, founder of the prominent brand Anabella, tasked herself with sharing her vision of glamour and elegance with women through a meticulously edited collection of shoes, versatile enough for any occasion that arises. A few weeks ago, she unveiled her Spring Summer 2021 collection and just surprised us with a new launch.

Rossy Sanchez, Anabella’s founder©Anabella
Rossy Sanchez, Anabella’s founder

Rossy’s latest project is inspired by her fabulous shoeboxes, which receive rave reviews from her clients. The shoebox is the first impression that captivates you when your order arrives. The elegant packaging has a restrained pink and black design which, for Rossy, signifies the union of femininity (pink) and strength (black).

But each shoebox also exudes a special scent, and customers always ask about the fragrance. The acclaim from her clients inspired Rossy’s newest launch, just in time for Mother’s Day, a line of scented candles for the home.

Anabella shoebox packaging©Anabella
Anabella shoebox packaging
The shoeboxes for my collection smell divine. I put a lot of thought and attention into this detail, and my clients started to ask about the fragrances. When you give a gift, every detail must be considered to make the impact you want to achieve,” Rossy Sánchez says. “My home is my temple and I always have scented candles in different home environments, this inspired my candle collection. There are 4 different fragrances, subtle and elegant, a reflection of my brand.”

There are four scents in Rossy’s new collection of candles:

  • Attitude: Made from a base of rose and white tea, white tea (silver needles) is my favorite, this scent gives you a glamorous and chic welcome when you smell it. It is exquisite!
  • Pleasure: This is a fragrance to enjoy while having a glass of wine or an aperitif, an exotic aroma based on green melon and lemon, discreet and elegant sensuality that is not cloying.
  • Reason: A delicate mixture of jasmine and lemongrass, a contrast of aromas like those found in Rossy’s she designs, that reminds us of the pleasures of nature and brings East Asian scents into your home.
  • Inspiration: A subtle mixture of vanilla and melon that evokes innocence and connects you with beautiful memories of childhood, like the smells from your mother or grandmother’s kitchen, a fresh and subtle scent.
Anabella’s Actitud candle©Anabella
Anabella’s Actitud candle

The name of the brand also has very personal meaning since it bears the same name as her daughter Anabella. “I consider it a very beautiful name not only because it evokes everything that has to do with my daughter but also contains within itself the word ‘Bella’-and as a designer I think that absolutely all women are beautiful. In addition, the name contains the letter A, that represents the stylish and elegant woman, and B, that represents the voluptuous woman. My brand is an inclusive brand from every point of view,” Rossy Sánchez says.

The brand takes inclusivity very seriously, not just in terms of different women’s ethnic and geographic origins, but also inclusivity in terms of age. “One of the things that opened my eyes in this sense was when I began to design for brides, I understood that both the mother of the bride and her court also needed to fit perfectly with the concept of my brand, so we have a very broad collection and universe from which everyone can choose.”

When asked about the bestsellers of her brand, without hesitation she replied the “Actitud” collection of platforms, since it safely and comfortably adds height, very important factors when it comes to feeling confident in any circumstance or event.

“Actitud” platforms©Anabella
“Actitud” platforms

The “Mustique” line is another favorite collection within the brand. Anabella’s take on the mule is completely woven with fine bands of 100% natural leather, soft, comfortable and elegant, that can be worn beautifully with wide jeans, summer skirts, jumpsuits or dresses. The new shades for this season are turquoise, die-cut cherry red, bronze and gold.

“Mustique” mules©Anabella
“Mustique” mules

The super-stylish “Step” sneakers give an instant touch of elegance and chic to any look in gold, white or classic jean tones.

“Step” sneakers©Anabella
“Step” sneakers

The Anabella brand has options for every woman thanks to designer Rossy Sanchez’s tireless rigor to create a collection that values elegance, respect, and sophistication. To see all of Rossy Sanchez’s designs, visit her website and follow the brand on Instagram @anabellabyrossysanchez

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