Eva Mendes wearing a headscarf
Nailed it!

Eva Mendes used her tights as a headscarf - and it looks amazing!

Eva is the ultimate pro for mastering the headscarf look

If there’s someone who knows how to rock a headscarf like a pro, it’s Eva Mendes. The Cuban-American beauty wears the accessory like no other and has made it into her signature hairstyle. The 45-year-old has perfected the look so much so, that she doesn’t even need an actual headscarf to get it right. Eva took to her social media to post a photo where she wears a pair of tights to mimick the headscarf look. That’s right – actual stockings!

Eva Mendes wears tights as hearscarf©@evamendes
Eva wears tights as a headscarf and still looks amazing

Next to the snaps she wrote, “That time when @steevedaviault used my tights as a head scarf. He creates on the spot. When he saw that I wasn’t gonna use the new pair of tights I bought, he thought well let’s put them to use! Love you SD!”

Ryan Gosling’s longtime love previously shared wearing a headscarf is her solution to bad hair days, but if we’re being honest, she could wear one on any given day, and we’d still be fawning over how great she looks.

The Hitch star has previously spoken about her love for headscarves. During an interview with The Cut the fashion designer revealed she had always envisioned a turban in her collection.

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“I had a head wrap on, like a head-wrap, turban-ish thing—not a full-on turban—and I was like, ‘Okay, we gotta get into turbans.” she said.

Eva Mendes tights headscarf look©@evamendes
The Cuban-American beauty loves to rock the headscarf look

Eva continued, “I remember the CEO, Greg [Scott] who I love so much, he was like, ‘This girl’s wacko. Turbans are not going mass, there’s no way.’ And then, suddenly, they were kind of everywhere, and I think when little moments like that happen, [the company’s] trust has grown in me.”

Back in 2013, Eva showed fans a tutorial on how to master her iconic look at Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blog. She noted that with the remaining ends of the scarf, “You can leave a bow out if you're feeling a little creative,” though she noted, “I’m a little too old for that now.” So now you know, if you don’t have a headscarf, just wear your tights!

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