Checks are everywhere in Burberry, Dior, and Gucci showss©Getty Images

Fashion trends: Checkered prints are in the spotlight this fall

Classic two-tone Houndstooth, Gingham and colorful Plaid are everywhere this season

Checkered prints reclaim their rightful place alongside other prints this season. Although this isn't a new motif, it definitely packs a punch when it comes to combining high impact and high glamor. That's why top designers are turning to geometric shapes for a wide variety of garments and accessories, making it one of this season's most striking trends. If the runways are anything to go by, the styles that will cause a sensation are the classic Houndstooth, Gingham and Plaid. Ready to check that box?

Chanel, Gucci and Balmain are some of the brands that have opted for houndstooth check©Getty Images
Chanel, Gucci and Balmain are some of the names reinventing Houndstooth

Black and white

A classic pattern with a curious name is Houndstooth. It's made of tweed, an exquisite fabric that combines wool fibers and fine cotton. The visual effect is slightly abstract as the angles blur slightly with the traditional combination of black and white.

It was a focal point of the latest collection for Chanel, from coats to iconic jacket suits and midi skirts, with a real vintage feel. Houndstooth was also the star of the Gucci show, with impeccable head-to-toe looks and some androgynous vibes that were toned down by fitted silhouettes. Balmain breathed new life into the check, teaming it with translucent monochrome fabrics to create pieces in their undisputed sexy style, and an ultra-chic result!

Checks are everywhere in Burberry, Dior, and Gucci shows©Getty Images
Burberry, Dior, and Gucci presented collections with checkered looks

Full color 

With four straight lines, these well-known checks work on different scales and thicknesses. They can also feature thin stripes for a more intricate look, something which is more appealing for pieces like a blazer or statement coat. However, fashion trends point to color as the defining factor, which means Gingham, Glen and the more colorful Checked Plaid, with their wide-spaced squares and rectangles, move to the fore.

Burberry is one iconic label that's reinventing its designs, adding red, orange and even teal to oversized trenches. Maria GraziaChiuri for Dior dyes them red and bottle green to contrast with black and gray. Short and long dresses are this season's must-haves. And Gucci hasn't ruled out three-tone tailored suits, one of the fashionistas' most coveted looks.

Accessories are also sporting the trend for checks©Getty Images
Checks will also be seen in accessories, in black and white or color

Head to toe check 

Checkered prints are everywhere this season. They're so versatile and elegant that designers aren't stopping at clothing, but are taking the check trend to accessories as well. Miu Miu has incorporated them into its bag collection and Dior to bucket hats and shoes. You can't fail to be center of attention in one of these.

Although there's a definite menswear feel to checks, they've been an integral part of women's fashion for decades. Worshiped by style leaders, they're back with a bang this year, bringing visually strong looks, color and sophistication.

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