Emily Blunt power suits burn orange fall winter

There is nothing quite like wearing a bold pant suit to be fashionable this fall. Powerful and elegant, these jacket and pants sets are the perfect formula that will allow you to carry your confidence and style in equal parts.

Case in point: Emily Blunt at the Tory Burch fashion show in New York City. The design not only stood out for its fiery burnt orange color, but also for its relaxed lines that did not compromise fit nor figure. This fashionable look reaffirms that the trend of taking the classic 'boss girl' outfits beyond the 9-to-5 regular schedule is hip and happening.

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The British actress poses in front of the cameras wearing a striking burnt orange pant suit in New York

These men's-inspired garments have evolved along with the multiple roles that women have assumed in society. It wasn't until the mid-40s when Mademoiselle Coco Chanel presented her iconic pant suits that eventually made its way into women's closets. A few years later, Hubert de Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent revived the look. Today, power suits are essential and that's why we tell you how to wear them like a celeb.

Professional code

The versatility of pant suits is one of the many reasons that Hollywood celebrities such as Emily -as well as fashionistas from all over the world- lean toward these combination of two pieces. They can easily be taken to the office, to an evening cocktail, and even for an unexpected guest look, always betting on the visual contrast between two tones or graphic prints to create a refined and chic aesthetic.

Oversized power suits were the stars of the show on the Proenza Schouler catwalk

Distended silhouettes

This season, designers like Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors renew pant suits, adding volume and details that evoke the 80s. The new trends, in fact, eliminate stiffness and marked structures in favor of boxy silhouettes that are more loose, comfortable and sophisticated. Pants must be high-waisted and blazers have wide lapels or some point of interest in the cuffs or shoulder pads.

This fall, Marc Jacobs presented pant suits for women in vibrant colors such as yellow, violet and emerald green

Tips to combine pant suits

Flattering for petite, curvilinear or athletic women, power suits are basic garments with a highly functional quality. If you are looking for a dress-up style, you can combine them with nude silk shirts -just like the A Quiet Place actress- or a swan neck sweater. For a casual look, a crop top and sneakers will be enough. And for a seductive look, take the risk of wearing it with a solid bra. Don't limit your choice of accessories, as a belt or a scarf can be the ideal complement. Just tie them out and you're done!

Emily Blunt combines her pant suit with a mini bag, large hoop earrings and a print handkerchief in the lapel

Color is key

In addition to taking care of the length and cut of the pants and jacket –to define your silhouette without altering the symmetry between the back and the hips–, color is another important element. It's all about color this season, so you can have fun with pant suits in yellow, green, lavender, classic grey, or colorful plaid or Jacquard prints. Rest assured that the result will be absolutely sublime, and you will stand out wherever you go.

Follow Emily Blunt's steps and don't hesitate to wear power suits. You will immediately feel the change in your posture and attitude. Moreover, if you add a pair of stilettos, this fashion trend will help you reveal a different facet to your personality. Empower yourself!

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