Crown Princess Mary on how too look good while protecting the environment

The stylish royal talks eco-friendly fashion

Crown Princess Mary has style, grace and a tactical approach to fashion. The Danish royal opened up about the importance of sustainability in the textile industry and the positive effect that recycling fabrics will have in the long run. The 47-year-old royal noted that it’s up to the fashion industry to convince consumers that sustainability is the new black. “We haven’t seen ethical consumers penetrate mainstream fashion in the same way we’ve observed other areas and this is partially because consumers have a very irrational buying pattern,” she said in an interview that appears inside the latest edition. 


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Crown Princess Mary opened up about the importance of sustainable fashion practices 

"When we buy clothes, it is often associated with feelings, joy, dreams and passion – and deeply linked to our identity.” The Princess is no stranger to practicing what she preaches. Mary, like fellow royal Kate Middleton, has no problem recycling pieces from years prior. One of her staples is her green engagement dress, which she wore for the first time in October 2003. Since, the chic royal has worn it during official and private events. One of the best solutions according her, would be reusing and reselling all pieces, not just certain styles, colors or fabrics.

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If we shift our lineal mentality from ‘take, make, waste’. – where we use nature's resources to make clothes that we quickly throw out – to a more circular approach,” she shared. “The first phase is design, where durability and quality are thought into the process and how the materials can be used again – either by breaking them down into new fibers or reusing the material to create new clothes.”

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Mary noted that she keeps clothes that her daughters may inherit 

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Mary, who is mother to four children, noted her biggest tip for fashion sustainability starts at home. “I keep clothes that I think my daughters will inherit one day. Other clothes are passed on to people who can benefit from them.”

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