Triple threat: Anitta launches trilingual international album, global tour and sandal collection

You may know her from J Balvin's hit Machika or from her newest track Banana featuring Becky G, but pretty soon, Anitta will become a household name across the world. The Brazilian singer is releasing her first trilingual album titled Kisses, and à la Beyoncé, will release it as a visual album in not one, but three languages—Portuguese, Spanish and English. "It is an album that is made for my audience and my fans, wherever they live, whatever language they speak," she tells HOLA! USA. "Despite the language, [both] the music and the rhythm are universal." But before she conquers the music industry, the brunette beauty is making sure every woman has a good pair of sandals in her closet!

Brazilian singer Anitta partenered with lpanema, a chic Brazilian-made sandal and flip flop line, to shine a spotlight on cute, creative and comfortable footwear Photo: Courtesy of lpanema

Anitta has partnered with lpanema, a chic Brazilian-made sandal and flip flop line, to shine a spotlight on cute, creative and most importantly comfortable footwear that features that ~Brazilian flair~. Think wrap-around sandals, shimmering flip flops and, of course, sandals featuring heart-shaped bling that work for every occasion. 

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HOLA! USA caught up with the singer to talk all things music, sandal fashion and about her partnership with lpanema, which is named after one of the most exotic and famous beaches in the world and which just so happens to be located in her native country of Brazil. Continue to scroll for a glimpse at the superstar's life...

HOLA! USA: You're on your way out the door. What shoe do you grab first?
Anitta: "Each day I'm a different girl and I always like to be able to surprise myself. And I like to do that with my favorite shoes as well. But I need to confess, the white [Ipanema] sandals that I used [in] the Spain collection launch are one of my favorites."

What do you love about this collection?
"The comfort. It's really important to me to feel comfortable all the time because I work a lot. And if I'm not comfortable, I'm not going to be able to do all the things I need to do. Ipanema was able to mix the comfort and the beauty, and I'm crazy about that. Also I think it’s really important to work with a fashion brand that is accessible to all, so [that] my fans and I could share this influence, and this is how Ipanema appeared in my life. It really embraced my beliefs in fashion."

Wearing the sandals, does it remind you of home and childhood?
"In Brazil, it looks like you were born wearing sandals! Everybody is wearing them all the time. Especially in Rio de Janeiro [which] is a very warm place. I remember wearing sandals since I was a baby. It is a Brazilian custom, and I love it."

"I remember wearing sandals since I was a baby. It is a Brazilian custom, and I love it," Anitta told HOLA! USA Photo: Courtesy of lpanema

Why was it important to you to put out a trilingual album?
"Every time I release a new song people ask me when I will record in other languages. So here it is. An album with music in different languages, to all the audiences that I connect [with]. It's a record that speaks not just about my career, but also about my life, the different Anittas that I ought to be, to live and sing in this multi-cultural market. In this album I sang in three different languages, and every song has a reason to be in its specific language with its featured guest."

Favorite song?
"It really depends on the occasion. When I'm in my place resting, I love to listen to Poquito. When I'm with lots of people, I love to listen to Banana because it's more energetic. But of course I love all my songs. Each of them are special in so many ways."

To shop the entire collection, head to lpanema.

Reporting by Alisandra Puliti 

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