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Cardi B isn't afraid to splurge, especially when it comes to her adorable baby Kulture. She flies private for her and she gifted her with a pair of Swarovski-bedazzled Reeboks earlier this month. But now, the 26-year-old mother is taking cues from Kris Jenner and dressing her baby in an ultra-luxe (and uber expensive) Versace outfit. Bless.

  Cardi B's baby girl was spotted wearing this stylish Versace outfit  Photo:

Topping off a historical performance weekend at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, Cardi posted a picture of her and her daughter flying private. "I gotta fly I need a jet yea I need room for my legs ... " she captioned the sweet Instagram photo. 

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Cardi looks extra glam in a turquoise sweatsuit, while Kulture is sound asleep in her mother's arms wearing a— wait for it —$830 onesie. That's right, Kulture is barely a toddler and she's already living the lush life by wearing designer clothes. The Barocco print baby puffer is extremely cute. And like her mom, Kulture rocks anything and everything.

In the past, Cardi has shared the immediate bond she had with Kulture when she was born. “I’m thinking about how my money’s going to last so this girl is 21 and put in college," she revealed in an interview with W Magazine. "I’m thinking about investments. I’m thinking about five years from now." 

So yes, baby Kulture will be dressed to the nines in designer wear, but you best believe that she will also get a top-notch education. 

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