Jean-Paul Gaultier's plus-size clothing collaboration with Beth Ditto unveiled

Fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has revealed that he has collaborated with singer Beth Ditto to design a limited-edition t-shirt. The exclusive item is just a taste of what's to come in the The Gossip singer’s upcoming plus-size clothing line.

Speaking on the singer's blog about non-traditional models and his latest creation, Gaultier said: “Big girls are beautiful and Beth is super beautiful! Long live the beauty of shapes, boobs and bottoms. This is a new concept, a loose fit corset. And Beth fits it perfectly.”

Long time friends Jean-Paul Gaultier and Beth Ditto have collaborated to design a limited-edition t-shirt Photo: Getty Images

Beth responded saying: “Jean-Paul is the most generous, positive person. He truly loves women of all sizes and ages and know how to make everyone feel gorgeous.”

The t-shirt, which is available on Beth’s website, was inspired by one of Jean-Paul’s original designs, the cone bra and corset worn by Madonna. The top emblazoned with the iconic lingerie is available in sizes 1X and 2X and costs $165.

The t-shirt is available for $165 Photo: Facebook/Beth Ditto

The rest of the collection will be launched in February of next year and will include items that will “feature current styling with a vintage flair.” Fans can expect “vibrant prints and well-tailored pieces, with silks, rayons and embroidery that are frequently missing from plus-size lines.”

Talking about the collection, that will come in sizes up to 30, Beth said at the announcement: “This line is by us, for us, period. It’s a lifelong dream to get to design real clothes for big people, clothes that are comfortable and cool!”

The design is inspired by Gaultier's cone bra and corset that was worn by Madonna back in 1990
Photo: Getty Images

Actress Melissa McCarthy has also just released her second clothing collection, which runs from sizes 4-28. “People don’t stop at size 12," said the Bridesmaids star. "I feel like there’s a big thing missing where you can’t dress to your mood above a certain number.”

“I know what it’s like not being able to go shopping with my friends because ‘women like me’ have been hidden away on a different floor next to the tire section,” she added.

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