First Look at LOTERÍA LOCA, Jaime Camil©Fernando Marrero/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting
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First Look: Exclusive Images of the Exciting New Game Show ‘Lotería Loca’

Mark your calendars for October 2nd and don’t miss an exciting new TV show celebrating a beloved Latin game.

CBS is gearing up to premiere a thrilling new TV experience with ‘Lotería Loca,’ a dynamic and action-packed show that puts an exciting spin on the beloved Latin game of luck and chance, Lotería, and HOLA! has the first EXCLUSIVE images of the show. Hosted and executive produced by the charismatic Jane the Virgin Mexican star Jaime Camil, this primetime game show promises to take viewers on a wild ride filled with suspense, surprises, and incredible cash prizes.

In each episode, two contestants face off and pick cards, aiming to get three in a row to claim Lotería. Each time a card appears on their unique bingo-style card, they win cash prizes. However, there’s a twist with the “Loca Cards” - which introduce wild, interactive challenges, offering players a shot at even bigger cash rewards. The player who collects the most “Loterías” in the shortest time moves on to the dramatic final round, where they can win the ultimate cash prize.

First Look at LOTERÍA LOCA, Jaime Camil©Fernando Marrero/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting
Lotería Loca was created by Apploff, Aaron Solomon, and Alejandro Trevino and is produced by Warner Bros.

This show pays homage to the traditional Latin game of Lotería, known to millions of Americans and Latinos. Host Jaime Camil is a charismatic face and a passionate advocate for the game. In a previous announcement from the network, the actor said, “I grew up playing Lotería with my family and friends back in México. I could say, without a shadow of a doubt, that every single Mexican family owned and still owns a Lotería game.

First look at LOTERÍA LOCA, a new CBS game show©Fernando Marrero/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting
With the charismatic Jaime Camil, Lotería Loca is poised to be a game-changing addition to the world of reality game shows.

“Even though this board game, which is similar to bingo, is still played and owned by millions of people around the globe, it’s something that resonates even more with every single Latinx person, because it helps connect with our heritage and emotional memories.” With Jaime at the center of the game as host and executive producer, “Lotería Loca” promises a connection to the game’s rich cultural significance.

“As a Mexican American, it means the world to be producing, alongside game show-producing legend Jeff Apploff, and hosting a show that will entertain and connect so powerfully with everyone in the U.S., but especially because it will resonate tremendously with an underserved audience.” -Jaime Camil-
First Look at LOTERÍA LOCA, Sheila E©Fernando Marrero/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting
Recently, Sheila E. became the first female solo percussionist to receive a Walk of Fame star.

The show also has a refreshing and empowering take with the talented Sheila Cecelia Escovedo who is bettern known as Sheila E., the Queen of Percussion, leading the band and music. This iconic musician made history this summer as the first female solo percussionist to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We can feel the excitement in the Instagram posts that both Jamie and Sheila E. shared, so mark your calendars for the premiere of “Lotería Loca” on CBS on Monday, October 2nd, at 9 pm ET/PT.

CBS’s series order for “Lotería Loca” underscores its commitment to innovative and entertaining content that offers surprises and unexpected challenges.

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