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Telemundo is returning to the tv ‘Betty in NY’ starring Elyfer Torres

The show, which is Torres’ breakout role, also allowed her to show her natural self

Telemundo is returning to the tv the modern adaptation of Yo soy Betty la fea, two years after its premiere. On Monday, June 5, the Spanish-language broadcaster revived the charming story of Betty in NY, starred by Mexican actress Elyfer Torres, and released in 2019.

According to Torres, although the telenovela is a reboot, the show differs entirely from the original Colombian classic. “When people ask me what’s different about this version, I tend to say everything is different. Twenty years have passed, and our way of seeing the world has changed. Our minds are more open, aside from the fact that we have smartphones and social media now, and bullying is lived in a completely different way”, the actress told Milenio.

Elyfer Torres quiso dar su toque a este personaje©@elyfertorres

The star also attained from watching the previous versions not to be influenced. “I didn’t want to watch any other versions to not contaminate the character and to avoid subconsciously repeating her behaviors. Without judging all others, I think this Betty is more organic—we’re not looking for an ‘ugly costume,’ we’re going for a more natural look.”

The telenovela, which is Torres’ breakout role, also allowed her to show her natural self. “At first, I would go to every audition with my hair straight because that was what we normally saw on television — at least in Mexico or Latin America. And I actually booked Betty En NY with my hair straight. So then, the first day I went on set with my curly hair, they asked, ‘What did you just do?’ And I responded with, ‘Oh, this is my hair, but no worries, we can straighten it out.’ They said, ‘No! We love it,’” she told Forbes.

However, as soon as the production wrapped, Torres left her character behind, assuring us that her experience with it was great. “This project made me grow as a person because when I was in Mexico, I lived with my parents, and when I moved to Miami, I had to live by myself, and so I became more of an adult. I also grew up a lot as an actress”, she said in an interview with People Magazine.

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