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Canela.TV premieres ‘Bocetos’, its first original coming-of-age drama series

We bring you an exclusive preview of the first episode!

Canela.TV, the free streaming service with commercials for the Hispanic market in the U.S. announced the launch of its first original youth series set in Mexico. The series titled, “Bocetos,” which premiered October 27th, has a talented group of actors and a promising young cast. One of the stars of the six-episode production will feature is Geraldine Bazán, who is also one of the iconic telenovela villains in the original Canela.TV, Secretos de villanas (Villain Secrets).

Bocetos Canela.TV©Hola
The streaming platform is committed to this project that is backed by great figures in the media such as Geraldine Bazán and Juan Soler
Bocetos is a beautifully written story that follows the ups and downs of the lives of the young cast on the series, portrayed by a talented cast who bring the story to life through incredibly powerful performances. We are delighted to offer this fascinating and relevant story to our audience exclusively on Canela.TV.” - Jerry Leo -


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Set in Mexico, Bocetos portrays the life of Diego (Jason Romo), a talented but insecure illustrator, who every night through his drawings captures situations from his daily life that he and his friends face. With these strokes and drawings, the protagonist outlines his passions, losses and dreams, in addition to reflecting on how each decision influences our lives.

“This series is a great tribute to coming-of-age dramas. It is a story that emphasizes that small moments are never erased from our memory. It talks about the losses, the longings and that change is the only constant, issues that we have all gone through. Bocetos will deliver a positive feeling to anyone who has the opportunity to see it”- Jorge Cervantes - creator and producer of the series.

The drama will also feature guest apperances from Osvaldo De León as part of the cast and associated producers, accompanied by Juan Soler and Erika de La Rosa, and as the protagonists Jason Romo, Alejandra Zaid and Isidora Vives. In addition to these amazing and talented young actors such as Adriano Zendejas, Julia Maqueo, Carlos Mosmo, Valeria Burgos, Daniel Gama, Sergio Madrigal, Javier Ponce, and Ximena Lamadrid.

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