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Justin Long and Georgina Campbell try not to give any Barbarian spoilers in this exclusive interview

Spoiler: Justin gave a spoiler, and we had to retract it

Barbarian hits theaters this Friday, September 9th, and if you think you know what to expect after watching the trailer and reading the synopsis- you don’t. They have assured no spoilers make their way to the public, and the trailer leaves a lot to the imagination. Ahead of its release HOLA! had the opportunity to talk to actors Justin Long and Georgina Campbell about the horror film. Once it ended, we were immediately notified about a spoiler Long shared that we couldn’t included until its release. Read the interview below to see where we had to retract some words and watch the film Friday to find out what Long was talking about.

HOLA! USA: I know everything’s a risk for a spoiler, but what is your favorite onset memory filming Barbarian?

Georgina Campbell: I had a birthday actually. I turned, how old did I turn? I turned 29. And it was really cute, they got me like a little cupcake, and everyone -we were like a night shoot, so I was kind of like, ‘no one’s gonna really, no one knows me.’ Like, we’d only just start shooting, and then I told everyone that it was my birthday, and everyone sang, and it was just like really sweet.

 Justin Long: It was a good crew. It was a good group. It was a very loving, warm group. It was funny to be doing something so dark and gruesome and wild with such sweet people.

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HOLA! USA: So the movie has so many twists and turns. What’s your favorite thing about starring in a film like this? When it seems like literally, anything can happen?

Georgina Campbell: I think just starting to slowly see the reactions is really exciting. We just can’t wait for it to come out and see what people think and see if people kind of go crazy for the moments that we think they will. And for the moments that we’ve kind of seen in a few screenings now where people have really gotten active and excited. It’s just fun to do a film that audiences can get really involved in.

Justin Long: No, it’s true. It’s true. Cause you can be doing the thing, shooting the thing, and there were moments where I was like, ‘this is.’ I mean obviously, there were moments that were fun and all that, [but I was like], ‘this is wild. I can’t believe we’re shooting this.’ It was one of those things where it was like, a really bold script to write, it really broke a lot of rules and all that- but then to make it, for someone to give someone the money to make and to do these things. So we’re doing these scenes where I’m like, I’m remembering, like having, you know, there’s the _ the _ you know, where I’m _. I’m _. So we’re doing it, and it’s like, ‘this is, this is crazy. I wonder what people will think.’ But then to Georgina’s point- actually seeing and hearing reactions from people is a thrill. Because when you’re doing the thing, you have no idea if it’s ever even gonna like come out or how it’s gonna be received. And of course, you have no control over that, but it’s fun to see it. It’s fun to watch people watch it.

Barbarian stills©Walt Disney Studios

HOLA! USA: And it’s so interesting too because if you just watch the trailer, you would have absolutely no idea what’s to come.

Justin Long: Right, right. Which is great. Which you know, makes something like this kind of hard to do. Cause we wanna talk about it, we’re excited to be in it, it’s such a fun, good movie, and yet, we don’t wanna spoil it because it would ruin a lot of it.

If you can describe the Barbarian in just one word, what would it be?

Justin Long: Invasive

Georgina Campbell: Insane

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