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Menudo documentary gets a release date on HBO Max

The documentary shows the dark and untold side of the teen boy band.

Menudo was formed in the late 70’s, yet it still remains Latin America’s most famous boy band. Aside from releasing beloved music in different languages, the band was featured in movies and series, and had a rotating cast of performers that launched the careers of international superstars like Ricky Martin.

An HBO Max documentary called “Menudo: Forever Young” will be released on June 23rd.

Ricky Martin©GettyImages
Menudo launched the careers of a variety of stars, most notably, Ricky Martin.

The documentary, directed by Angel Manuel Soto and Kristofer Rios, will first premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, on June 11th. It will follow the rise and fall of the band, including their prominence in the ‘80s and their crossover in the United States. It will also explore the sexual abuse allegations against Menudo’s producer and manager, Edgardo Diaz. These allegations first appeared on the year 1991 and were denied by Diaz on a popular talk show program called El Show De Cristina, hosted by Cristina Saralegui.

“MENUDO: FOREVER YOUNG chronicles the rise and fall of the most iconic Latin American boy band in history, bringing viewers into the world of the popular teen idols’ global tours, magazine covers, ‘80s outfits, and screaming fangirls. But the four-part documentary reveals that behind the glitz and glamour was a web of abuse and exploitation at the hands of the band’s manager, Edgardo Diaz. Through revealing interviews with former Menudo members, the film examines how this extravagant facade was disguising serious wrongdoings by Diaz,” reads the full synopsis.

EL Reencuentro De Menudo In Concert©GettyImages
Menudo band members have reunited on a variety of occasions.

Menudo disbanded in 2009, with the documentary tracking the rise and fall of the band through four episodes, featuring interviews with a variety of Menudo members.

“The Puerto Rican diaspora in New York played a critical role in the success of Menudo and its crossover in the US, shutting down traffic for blocks surrounding the band’s hotel and selling out Madison Square Garden on multiple occasions,” said Soto in a statement. “We couldn’t be more excited to premiere this series in their backyard at TriBeCa and honor their contribution to the band’s legacy.”

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