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Corina Smith releases her new EP 'Antisocial'© Hola

Corina Smith taps Eladio Carrión, Arcángel, and more for her new EP ‘Antisocial’

The 8-track EP is out now!

MARCH 11, 2022 5:16 PM EST

For this Artist to Watch 2022 HOLA! feature, we present Venezuelan actress and singer Corina Smith who has just released her new EP, ‘Antisocial.’

As one of this generation’s breakout artists, Corina is continuing her contribution to urban music with the release of her 8 track project, which features collaborations with big names including Eladio Carrión, Noriel, Arcángel, Nesi and Brray.

Corina Smith Artist to Watch 2022© Hola

In order to put her all into this release, Smith proved her dedication by putting the rest of her life on hold in order to focus on the music. To achieve this, Corina took a trip to Puerto Rico looking to find herself, focusing on her musical creation and finding an amazing results in Antisocial.

“I have been planning this EP for a long time... I am a very perfectionist kind of person, and so having this group of songs under one project means that I had to spend days and nights making sure that it was all exactly what I wanted and could represent me.”

She continued, “The process of making this project made me get out of my comfort zone, from where I normally make music and from mycountry; so for the first time I left everything behind to go to Puerto Rico where I spent months creating the music, the concept, the audiovisual pieces and every little detail from my EP.”

Starts to Watch 2022© Hola

In addition to these new songs, the EP’s release is accompanied by a series of conceptual videos worked on very closely with the theme of each song. Two of Antisocial’s main singles, “Roto” and “Especial” will have official videos that can be seen on the artist’s Youtube channel, which boasts nearly a million subscribers.

Starts to Watch 2022© Hola

With her latest project, Corina proves her passion for music and demonstrates the results of her hard work and dedication that have kept her at the top of rising urban artists in Latin America.

Released under Rimas Entertainment, Antisocial is now available on all digital music platforms.