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Venezuelan singer Micro TDH releases his long-awaited album ‘9’

Some of the biggest names in Latin music including Myke Towers, Yandel, Lasso, Pablo Alborán, and more are featured on the project.

22-year-old rising star Micro TDH has finally released his highly-anticipated album, 9. The Venezuelan singer is giving fans a 14-track project that embodies his fascination for telling stories and projecting his feelings.

The album also shows his talent for delving into various genres including rap, trap, and hip-hop, with songs that narrate love, heartbreak, and so much more. Some of the biggest names in Latin music including Myke Towers, Yandel, Lasso, Pablo Alborán, and more are all featured on the project.

“It was a dream come true for me,” he explained of the album. “I enjoyed discovering the number of genres that I could cover, how every song has its own magic, it has a distinctive essence, an impressive work. There is a song for all audiences.”
Micro TDH©Hola

Micro continued, “The beauty of the album is that it is a mix of everything. It is an album that contains a lot of sweat, effort, and tears behind it”

The singer went on to explain the reasoning behind the album’s title, opening up about the number’s personal meaning to him.

“9 has always been an important number in my life,” he revealed. “It is mentioned often in numerology and metaphysics, which are two singles that came to me in an unexpected and fortuitous way. Number 9 signifies a selfless service to humanity. Number 9 is ideologically what I want to transmit with Micro TDH.”

He continued, “It is beautiful that a ‘mainstream’ project, which is what we are trying to carry out, comes with a background with personal history from my end.”

Micro TDH©Hola

The latest single from the album is “Negro Mate”, a song that expresses the desire to repeat an encounter with a loved one despite not being reciprocated in the same way. The music video, which was directed by Laura Martinova, shows the artist on a night out, enjoying himself at the club alongside a seductive woman he thinks about often.

Micro TDH©Hola

“It is a song about a person longing to be with someone, despite it being forbidden,” the singer explained. “They are willing to continue suffering in order to spend a night with her once again.”

Check out the full 9 tracklist down below:

  1. Negro mate
  2. El tren (feat Myke Towers)
  3. Gordo Ronaldo
  4. El Lobby (feat Pablo Alborán)
  5. En soledad (feat Adso Alejandro, Jerry Di, Big Soto, Akapellah)
  6. Peligrosa
  7. Arráncame la piel
  8. La mentirosa
  9. Intro (feat Nueve)
  10. Tan solo
  11. El Inca
  12. Las olas (feat Yandel)
  13. Ni vivo ni muerto (feat Lasso)
  14. Productos básicos