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The world’s most influential Spanish-language rap battle

The wait is over, and Red Bull Batalla World Final 2021 is here to crown the best Spanish-language freestyler of the rap competition. After a whole year of rounds in a series of fun locations worldwide, on Saturday, December 11, from the historic Quinta Vergara open-air amphitheatre in the Chilean city of Viña del Mar, 16 rappers line up for the Red Bull Batalla World Final 2021.

Since 2005, and as the world’s most influential Spanish-language rap battle, Red Bull Batalla has provided a solid platform for Hispanic improvisers. Although they are deeply connected to hip hop’s foundation, the rappers managed to evolve and create a different style from North American hip hop, transforming into a movement in its own right.

Venue of the Spanish National Final of the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos in Barcelona, Spain on July 13th 2019.©Red Bull Batalla

Well known rappers such as Puerto Rico’s Yartzi and Myke Towers, Mexico’s Aczino, and the Alicante-based Arkano, had made the rap battle scene a reference, and now others, such as Batalla reigning champion Rapder have been able to enjoy the beauty of this art with people’s respect.

The Mexican rapper which took home the crown as the Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos 2020 champion for the first time, knows that talent and incredible improvisation skills are the only right formula.“What I love about battling is that you aren’t bound to any kind of guidelines – you can really just rap however you want to, without sticking to a theme or format,” he said.

Although Rapder’s fiery battle had to be virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 World Final will return a live audience for the event alongside live Red Bull TV coverage as the freestyle rap scene celebrates the 15th anniversary of the competition.

Red Bull Batalla©Red Bull Batalla
Mexican rapper Rapder delivered the ultimate mic drop as he overcame some of the world’s very best Spanish-language freestylers to be crowned the 2020 Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos champion.

Sixteen finalists are already locked in, and now the Latin American rappers are ready to convince the hosts that their rhymes flow with optimal energy. The judges looking to crown this year‘s champions are 2019 runner-up Valleys-T, Chilean Blazzt, double tempo expert Handle, Peruvian Fox, and old school legend Invert.

Meet here the 2021 Red Bull Batalla Finalists

Aczino aka Mauricio Hernández (Mexico, 30)
  • He is the MC with the longest run of World Final appearances from 2014 to this year. He stands out for throwing wild punchlines and for his elaborate staging.
Alfredozki aka Alfredo Méndez (Ecuador, 23)
  • It was the surprise of Red Bull Ecuador 2021 when Alfredozki beat Eppico in the final. He enjoys shouting his rhymes in the face of his rivals.
Basek aka Francisco Mateluna (Chile, 34)
  • The two-time national champion‘s style is aggressive and direct, with references to pop culture executed through a flow hardened through years of listening to the Wu-Tang Clan.
Exodus Lirical aka Christopher Berroa (Dominican Republic, 19)
  • The San Pedro De Macorís native finished fourth last year, after defeating the Spaniard Bnet - World Champion 2019 - and losing against Rapder in the semi-final.
Gazir aka Gabriel Sánchez (Spain, 19)
  • He comes from winning the International FMS and the God Level Grand Slam team competition. He stands out for his puns and for dropping double-meaning bars.
Hammer aka Marcos Attias (Uruguay, 21)
  • The stage name of this MC does not come from the American rapper who played the hit “U Can‘t Touch This,” but from the English rock magazine Metal Hammer which he saw at a friend’s house.
Klan aka Lucas Santo (Argentina, 27)
  • With extensive experience in the Argentine underground, he is known for being the king of the squares. He was crowned Argentine champion by defeating Sony, Mecha, Wolf, and Jaff.
Marithea aka Maribel Gómez (Colombia, 21)
  • At 14, she started making rap instrumentals, and today she is one of the most prominent names on the scene. She has a knack for responding with consistency and content.
P8 aka Alejandro Ortiz (Costa Rica, 23)
  • He stood out in the 2021 Costa Rica cypher for his ability to adapt to his rivals by attacking them differently with personalized content.
Rapder aka Eder Lozano (Mexico, 26)
  • He is the reigning Red Bull Battle World Champion after he defeated Skone in the Dominican Republic. His style is tough, direct, and characterized by raw finishes.
RC aka Abner Cruz (Mexico, 28)
  • The Mexican freestyler started in 2009. His style is defined by long phrases structured coherently and delivered with an outstanding double tempo flow.
Reverse aka Marco Acosta (United States, 19)
  • This West Palm Beach-based rapper, originally from Cuba, was crowned champion in New York. He stood out for his staging with outstanding delivery and shouting sharp rhymes.
Skiper aka Alan Ramírez (Mexico, 27)
  • After a few near misses in the national final, he showed perseverance and improvement in 2021 to seize the cypher by defeating RC.
Skone aka José Miguel Manzano (Spain, 31)
  • The 2020 runner-up is one of the most charismatic freestylers in history. He has a high command of staging while using theatricality and humor to make fun of the rhymes of his rivals.
Stick aka Jordy Renteria (Peru, 25)
  • He is the first Peruvian freestyler to win an international championship (Supremacy MC 2016). He stands out for his cultural skills and his ingenuity.

Watch the Red Bull Batalla World Final 2021 live here.

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