La Casa de Los Famosos

Alicia Machado is the favorite to win La Casa de Los Famosos: See the top 5 finalists

Who will take home the $200k grand prize?

“La Casa de Los Famosos” is coming to an end and the top 5 finalists have been announced. Alicia Machado, Cristina Eustace, Kelvin Renteria,Manelyk Gonzales, and Pablo Montero all had the right strategy to escape each elimination and are now closer to winning the $200,000 grand prize. Gisella Aboumrad was the last eliminated player, just barely missing the finals. While there are still 5 competitors, many believe that Alicia is the favorite to win the competition.

Alicia is Venezuelan and was the first person to win her way to the final and her outgoing, strong, and outspoken nature has made her one of the most controversial but well-liked players on the show. Alicia and Pablo had controversy throughout the season after dating almost 2 decades ago. She held nothing back when they got into fights and went viral in October after she called the regional Mexican singer “machista” during one of their face-offs.

The former 1996 Miss Universe has loyal viewers and fans who have been leaving comments on social media confident that she is going to win. Most of the comments on any YouTube, or Instagram posts about the show are dedicated to Alicia. The second favorite is likely Manelyk.

Another favorite used to be Kelvin but fans went off on him this week after they felt he betrayed Manelyk González. She fell for Kelvin and the audience wanted them to become a couple and although he never reciprocated her love, they did become close and fans considered them the closest. But Kelvin ended up conspiring against her and nominated her to be eliminated from the game. Since then he has been labeled a “traitor” and “judas” by some fans. With 30 million followers on Instagram, Manelyk had more than enough fans to come to her defense.