Jimena Gallego
HOLA! USA Interview

Jimena Gallego tells us about her experience as the host of the reality TV show ‘The House of the Famous’

The Mexican TV personality revealed if she’d like to be one of the celebrities living inside the house.

Every day “The House of the Famous” gives us something new to talk about. Friction and drama is bound to pop up when putting a group of celebrities inside a house for over a month, surrounded by more than 50 cameras and 60 microphones. Thanks to the hosts, Jimena Gallego and Hector Sandati, we don’t miss one detail. Now that we’re halfway through the show, we’re starting to get an idea of who might make it to the finale.

Before we make it to the end and more celebrities are eliminated — the show initially started off with sixteen participants — Jimena Gallego had a chat with HOLA! USA about this experience, which has been brought to our homes night after night.

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What has been the biggest challenge when shooting “La Casa de los Famosos”?

“It’s a prime-time show that airs on a daily basis. It has extremely high production costs and I want to be on that same level. My company, Telemundo, has trusted me with this great opportunity. It’s a company that develops and fosters their talent and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

How has it been to work with Sandarti on this project?

“I’d had the pleasure of working with him on other projects before. He is such a professional in this industry, I love and respect him very much. Every day I learn something new from him.”

Jimena Gallego©@jimenagallegotv
Would you ever participate in a reality show like this one?

“I think I’d like to have the experience. It’s very fun and the public develops this strong and special relationship with you, being with you 24/7 and seeing you just as you are. But to leave my husband, my kids, and my stepkids for three months would be very complicated.”

When it comes to your musical career, what is your biggest dream?

“I love music, it’s my first passion. My dream in music would be to go back on stage with “Reinas de Corazones.” It’s such a fun show and I love to share and have fun with my cast mates.”

What’s the next step following “The House of the Famous”?

“I’ll continue to work on my daily show “En Casa con Telemundo” and I’m ready for anything that my company has for me. When it comes to my music, I’m ready to get back on stage with “Reinas de Corazones.”

Jimena Gallego©@jimenagallegotv
What about Mother’s Front, the initiative you launched with Alexia Camil?

“For the time being, everything regarding Mother’s Font is online, since we can’t have conferences in person 100% in Mexico. But that is definitively something that fulfills me: mothers helping each other out and having a forum to share things and bond.”

Absolutely. During the pandemic, mothers were the “warriors” at home. How did you manage with your two daughters?

“Us mothers have always been warriors and this pandemic definitely proved it, I had the time to be with my daughters and enjoy them, growing even closer to them. They’re my best companions and the best engine that pushes me to be a better person every day since I’m their main example to follow. My daughters are my best and most important project!”