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Introducing the world’s first bilingual Latin girl group: Bella Dose

They’re preparing for world domination

Bella Dose is already taking over the world--and the internet--and they haven’t even released their first album yet.

Formed in 2017, Bella Dose consists of Melany Rivera, 21; Brianna Leah, 18; Jenni Hernandez, 23; and Thais Rodriguez, 22. This endeavor is the brainchild of Vicky Curiel, who held auditions across the United States to find talented young women to lead the first ever bilingual Latin pop girl group.

She ended up discovering the girls on her stop in Miami before she flew them to Los Angeles, teaching them guitar, piano, music theory, and even sound engineering, so they could manage their own sessions.

In the years since, the girls have amassed millions of followers on social media and become TikTok sensations. During a recent interview with Glamour, the quartet talked all about their love of music, how they got here, and what they hope to bring fans with their first album.

“It feels amazing to represent our culture and people,” Rodriguez asked when asked how it feels to be the world’s first bilingual Latin pop girl group. “We truly take pride in who we are, so it’s incredible that we can portray that through our music by combining both languages and many genres.”

Their culture is also why the group thought it was important to record songs in both Spanish and English.

“Being that we were all born in the United States, and all of our families are Latino, we found it extremely important to incorporate both languages in our music,” Rivera explained. “Although we grew up in the U.S., we would always come home to a Spanish-speaking household with Latin food and Spanish music blasting from our radios. We feel that it’s crucial to appeal to both the domestic and Latin markets to connect with more people and connect with our fans.

As for their musical inspirations, each of the girls have their own take on things.

Melany: Some of my musical inspirations are Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez! I would spend hours in front of the TV as a little girl, mimicking all of their dance moves.

Brianna: Etta James, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and Ariana Grande, because I’ve always loved singers with big voices.

Jenni: The Beatles, Queen, Beyoncé, and Michael Jackson. I admire these artists because of their dedication to their craft and the love for music that they have.

Thais: Selena and Michael Jackson. I love how they made timeless music. I aspire to be like them and do the same.

But when it comes to collabs, it seems like they’re all on the same page.

“We would love to collaborate with Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, and Rosalía,” said Thais.

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