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6 things you should know about ‘Money Heist’ season 5

The show is entering its much awaited final season.

“Money Heist” is coming back this September 3rd. Netflix recently released the trailer, showing fans what they can expect for the upcoming season. Featuring a cover of the song “Mad World,” the trailer is all about setting the mood and stage for what must be the most dramatic season of the show yet.

Over the last four seasons, “Money Heist” has followed a group of thieves as they pull off almost impossible heists. The Spanish show has won a variety of awards, including an international Emmy in 2018, and has grown into one of Netflix’s most famous series.

Here are 6 things you should know about “Money Heist” season 5. Look out for spoilers if you haven’t caught up with the show!

1. It’s split into two volumes

While this is the last season of the show, it’s split into two parts. Part 5 vol. 1 will be released on September 5th, while part 5 vol. 2 will be released on December, giving you three months to take some deep breaths and get ready for more mayhem and action.

There will be 10 episodes total. Alex Pina, the creator of the show, explained to Digital Spy that the first part of the season will be about “creating the sensation of a series finale,” while the latter part will be about “the emotional situation of the characters.”

2. There are new characters involved

New characters are involved in the last season of the series. Miguel Angel Silvestre, one of the most prominent Spanish actors on an international level, will make an appearance in the series. He’s previously worked on “Sense8” and “Velvet.” Patrick Criado, from the series “Antidisturbios,” is also joining the cast.

3. There will be new enemies thrown in the mix

“Money Heist” has never backed down from killing off beloved characters but, according to all of the plot descriptions that have been released, this last season will create an even larger and more pervasive sense of danger.

“Just when it seems like nothing else could go wrong, an enemy comes on the scene that is much more powerful than any they‘ve faced: the army. The end of the greatest heist in history is approaching, and what began as a robbery will turn into a war,” reads the description.

4. Nairobi may return in flashbacks

Nairobi was one of the most beloved characters of the show. One of the most surprising twists was when, in a robbery gone wrong, Nairobi was killed by one of the hostages that escaped.

Since “Money Heist” is a non-linear story, it’s very possible that Nairobi will make flashback appearances, similar to a variety of characters that have showed up in episodes after their deaths.

5. Expect “total destruction”

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, show runner Alex Pina and executive producer Jesus Colmenar said that during this season “characters have to fight for their lives.” “The romantic and feel-good idea of a robbery without victims, of a struggle for freedom and resistance but without hurting anyone, smashes into the wall of reality in this last season,” said Colmenar.

6. Women will play a pivotal role

“Money Heist” deviated from the majority of heists and action shows due to the fact that it had a female lead. While the show’s premise was always exciting and entertaining, the real subversive twist in the story is that it’s told from Tokio’s (Úrsula Corberó) perspective. According to the show runners, you can expect more of that, teasing a “new twist involving women in this season.”