Selena Quintanilla Receives Grammy Award.

Selena Quintanilla will soon be making her comic book debut

The Mexican-American icon will be the star of a comic book series that highlights important women throughout time.

Selena Quintanilla, one of the most important performers for Mexican and Latino representation in the U.S, will be making her first appearance in a comic book story.

The comic book will be called “Female Force: Selena” and will be released by TidalWave Comics on August 11th. It will be a part of a series that highlights women who’ve made a worldwide impact.

“This marks the first time the publisher will be releasing a Spanish version of the book day and date with the English comic book. There has been movies, television shows, books and now a comic book based on the life of iconic singer. There are two versions of the books, one hard cover with a cover by Dave Ryan and comic book edition cover by Ramon Salas,” reads the post.

TidalWave’s Female Force comics are biographical and have been done on a variety of prominent female figures in spheres like entertainment and politics. Comics on the lives of Cher, Oprah Winfrey, and Melinda Gates have already been published.

The comic book will tell the story of Selena through a different medium, highlighting important moments over her life, from her youth until her untimely death at 23 years old.

Selena Quintanilla Receives Grammy Award.©GettyImages
Selena won a Grammy Award for best Mexican-American album in 1994.

“So much has been said about Selena. I wanted to tell her story while bringing something new to it. I hope the readers, and her fans, enjoy what we’ve put together,” said the writer of the comic book, Michael Frizzell, in conversation with Reuters.

The story of Selena has been told several times on Television and film. The 1997 film, directed by Gregory Nava, was nominated for several awards and was critically acclaimed. It starred Edward James Olmos and Jennifer Lopez, who quickly experienced a boom in her singing and acting career, earning nominations to the Golden Globes and parts in all sorts of Hollywood projects.

2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards - Show©GettyImages
Jennifer Lopez performed a tribute to Selena at the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

More recently, Selena’s story was adapted as a Netflix series. Starring Christian Serratos, “Selena: The Series” has two seasons made out of 9 episodes each, going into Selena’s life with more detail. It tracks the beginnings of her career as a child star and member of the band Southern Pearl alongside her siblings. As the story progresses, Selena grows up and becomes the star that we now know and love.

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