Kate Winslet in 'Titanic'

Kate Winslet talks about her most iconic movie makeovers

The 45-year-old actress said it took her almost two years to go back to her natural hair color after filming ‘Titanic’

Kate Winslet is looking back at her different hair makeovers for her iconic characters in Titanic and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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The star confessed that she felt completely rebellious with blue hair on the set of the 2012 film, portraying Clementine, starring alongside Jim Carrey, adding a “wild and reckless” touch to her personality.

Kate revealed that she actually didn’t have to dye her hair for the role, as the hair and makeup department had a number of wigs for her, which she got to keep and still uses around the house with her kids.

Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine©Paramount Pictures

“The movie was shot out of order, so sometimes my hair would be red in the morning, then after lunch I‘d quickly change to blue. I loved them all,” she explained.

She also said that one of the reasons her hair looks so real in the movie, is because they all have a natural root, “and the bright pop of color was yarn dye, not hair color dye.”

Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey©Paramount Pictures

The 45-year-old actress talked about her experience filming Titanic, explaining how it took her almost two years to go back to her natural hair color, as Rose was never described as having red hair.

Kate admitted that she was very excited when director Jim Cameron asked if she wanted to do “something really bold with her hair,” making it an intense, unusual red.

Kate Winslet in Titanic©CBS via Getty Images

She even had some difficulties in some scenes, not for the new bright color, but because her natural hair isn’t wavy and it had to be “curled every day and was impossible to maintain because there was water all around,” and because they filmed in a series of tanks, “the water was always in the air, and it would create a problem for everybody‘s hair.“

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