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Old Friends

Blake Shelton didn’t recognize his old band mate during ‘The Voice’ blind auditions

The singer was in shock when he realized who was the person behind the strong voice.

The 20th season of ‘The Voice’ premiered last night on NBC and the talent that showed up for the blind auditions was unmatched. One of the auditions was actually someone that knew judge Blake Shelton from back in the day.

On Monday night, 45-year-old Pete Mroz appeared on the stage to take his shot and hope for a spot on one of the judge’s teams. Mroz happens to be Shelton’s bandmate from 25 years ago.

According to Yahoo!, Mroz who went by the name of Pete Mitchell back in the day, had dreams of being the next Garth Brooks. The singer would go around and perform with different songwriters and one of those songwriters happened to be a young Shelton, back in the day.

Eventually the two artists went down different paths, as Mroz went on to become a sales rep and start a family, while Shelton became a huge country singer and achieved stardom, according to Yahoo!.

Shelton luckily turned around for his former bandmate’s blind audition last night and much to his surprise, eventually realized who the performer was. At one point after his performance, Mroz said to Shelton, “Oh, I’m gonna get to you.” The judge responded, “Uh-oh. Sounds like there’s some history there! That’s not normally a good thing with me!”

All jokes aside, it was a special moment for the two musicians as Mroz decided to join Shelton’s team. “It’s just gonna be a blast to catch up with him and work with him. But the main reason that I’m excited he’s on my team is I think he’s a hell of a singer,” Shelton said about his old friend joining his team.

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