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‘The Simpsons’ has accurately predicted multiple Super Bowls

The long-running series knows a few things about football

As the longest running scripted series in TV history, there’s a reason so many people love The Simpsons. The show has been entertaining families for 30 years, and while the jokes are a big reason for its success, another secret to the series’ longevity is their scarily spot-on predictions.

The writers on The Simpsons have accurately predicted everything from Donald Trump becoming president to an eerily accurate episode in 1993, where magicians in a Siegfried and Roy-like show got attacked by their trustworthy tiger--which ended up coming true 10 years later.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, every year, so it’s no surprise that The Simpsons has aired their fair share of episodes that include the big game. Of course, that also includes the show making some Super Bowl predictions that ended up coming true years later.

In an episode titled, “Lisa’s Forecasts” from 1992, Homer and Marge’s eldest daughter discovers a method to predict who will win the games in the NFL, which her father then uses to make bets and win some money.

In this episode, Lisa manages to predict that the Washington Redskins (now The Washington Football Team) will win the Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills. Just three days after the episode aired, the prediction was fulfilled.

A few years later, on a 1999 episode titled, “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday” Homer buys bogus Super Bowl tickets and must find a way to get a busload of angry fans into the game after traveling to Miami for the Super Bowl.

Just like last year’s game, one of the teams in the episode wears a red and gold uniform, the same colors of the San Francisco 49ers, one of the squads that played the game.

Even though they did not predict the exact same results, since the winners of the big game were actually the Kansas City Chiefs, the fans took this as correct because of their prediction that the 49ers would play in the most important game of the season in Miami.

One of the most surprising predictions to come from The Simpsons had to do with the Super Bowl halftime show on an episode called “Lisa and Lady Gaga.” In the 2012 episode, Lady Gaga was in charge of the halftime show, showing the artist being suspended by cables as she flies over the audience at a concert.

Only five years later, the singer appeared at the event and, as part of the show, she flew through the air and wore an outfit that was almost identical to the one predicted by The Simpsons.

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