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Paris Hilton extends her empire with the debut of a new podcast

Paris brings more intimate aspects of her life to the audio format, including personal confessions, interviews with family, friends, and celebrity guests.

Paris Hilton is back again! Now extending her media empire with the debut of her new podcast, following the success of the Youtube documentary This is Paris.

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The heiress turned actress, turned influencer, turned DJ, is delivering more content to her fans, under the same name of her documentary and the direction of executives at iHeartMedia.

The documentary that surprised the audience with a new side of Paris, described a series of traumatic events that marked the life of the reality star, gaining a lot of attention after the release on the online platform.

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Now Paris is bringing more intimate aspects of the story to the audio format, revealing that this version will include personal confessions, interviews with family, friends, and celebrity guests.

She has already planned the entirety of the show, with seven podcasts that range from beauty, wellness and dating, to technology and philanthropy.

The new project that will be released on February 22, is expected to be a success, with the already 40 million subscribers she has across all social media.

Paris will also use an incredible feature that will allow her fans to communicate directly with her, with a special tool called Podposts.

The listeners can use the That’s Hot podposts to ask for personal recommendations from the heiress.

The 39-year-old icon admits she has “always been an innovator and first mover when it comes to reality TV, social andDJ-ing,” and now she is ready to take the next step.

Adding that she really believes “that voice and audio is the next frontier.“

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