Monarca - Tv Series Premiere In Mexico

Why Salma Hayek got in trouble filming her new show ‘Monarca’

The actress turned executive producer shared her experience filming under strict COVID-19 protocols.

Salma Hayek revealed she got in trouble while working on the set of her new Netflix project.

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The actress turned executive producer shared her experience with COVID-19 protocols, admitting she scared people away because she kept forgetting to wear her face mask.

The legendary movie star was repeatedly scolded in between takes of the Mexican drama Monarca, by some of the cast members, as well as crew members of the production.

Salma was wandering around set without her mask on, however she says it was completely unintentional and didn’t mean any harm.

Netflix's Monarca Press Conference.©GettyImages
Netflix‘s Monarca Press Conference.

She also admitted that she faced many complications to get the second season of the show going, and while she checked the monitors “everyone’s running away from me.”

Salma was repeatedly told “No! You can’t come this way, you have no mask!”

Another issue the iconic filmmaker had while she was working started when she got hungry.

Netflix's Monarca Press Conference©GettyImages
Netflix‘s Monarca Press Conference

The 54-year-old star said she eats “most of the time on the craft table,” so she would go to the craft table, and although she just wanted to get a snack, someone told her “No! Don’t touch anything!”

Monarca is already available on the streaming platform, and it was reported that Salma almost portrayed the part of Sofia Carranza.