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Coming Soon: ‘The Office’ will be available to stream in Spanish on Peacock, meet some of the cast!

Hola! USA had the opportunity to speak with Oscar Nunez and Andy Buckley from the show.

‘The Office’ aired its first episode on March 24, 2005, and aired its finale on May 13, 2013, airing 201 episodes across nine seasons. 16 years later, the series still has a cult following. The Office just made its way to the NBC streaming service Peacock and coming soon, old and new fans can now watch the show in Spanish. Spanish audio and Spanish closed captions will soon be available for the original series and the “Super Fan” episodes. Starring amazing comedic actors like Steve Carrell,Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, and John Krasinski, it is one of the most binge worthy shows available right now.

“The Office” was an American remake in the same mockumentary comedic style of the Ricky Gervais-led British original. The hilarious show depicts the everyday work lives of office employees working at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The quirky, at times dry, and inappropriate employees fight, laugh and find themselves in ridiculous predicaments. Hola! USA had the opportunity to interview actors Oscar Nunez and Andy Buckley and heard some unforgettable stories, check them out below.


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Oscar Nunez accepts the Year in Television Comedy Actor award for “The Office” onstage at the 2009 ALMA Awards

Nunez played accountant Oscar Martinez, an openly gay man after being outed by Carrell’s character Michael. He was apart of the main cast since the first season and starred in 189 episodes. The Cuban actor was one of the few openly gay characters in broadcast television at the time that the series aired, per The Los Angeles Times. In the interview, Nunez said with a laugh the main thing that comes to mind when he rewatches the show or blooper reels is, “I don’t remember doing that, I don’t remember that scene.” Nunez continued, “Which is funny because that’s fun. I want to be surprised and those are my favorite things to see. I enjoy the bloopers the most.”

When asked about the memory he remembers most, Nunez said it was when Carell left the show after 7 seasons. “When Steve left the show after 7 seasons, that was intense. That week where Will Ferrell came in and Steve and Will with there at the same time. Eventually, Steve left and we had a party for it and it was very emotional and intense.” Nunez also had advice for those following in the same footsteps as him, “before you quit or give up, make sure you’re giving 100% every day to your craft… and of course surround yourself with like-minded people.”


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Andy Buckley

Buckley starred in The Office from 2006 to 2013. He played David Wallace, CFO and later CEO of the Paper Company. Fans of the show will always remember his “suck it” song from Season 6, Episode 15, titled “Sabre” where his character has a product idea for a children’s vacuum called “Suck it” that sucks up toys and later made a song for it. The episode was so iconic it stuck with Buckley for years. It has its perks though, he revealed in the interview that he was once able to cut the line at Disneyland because of it. “Once at Disneyland, I had to sing it to cut the line. We were just about to leave and my son was like 8 at the time and wanted to do one last ride and I was trying to figure it out. And the guy was like ‘yeah I’ll let you cut the line if you sing the suck it song.’ So I did and we got to ride the last Matterhorn ride or whatever.”

Buckley’s story is one of a kind. The Stanford graduate went on to pursue acting and comedy in the 90s but he eventually stopped auditioning and started working as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. But a casting director remembered Buckley and called him to audition. His familiarity with the world of corporate finance ended up lending a helping hand to his booking. He continued to work full-time as a stockbroker while filming his recurring role on the show, just in case. Hola! USA asked Buckley what he would say to his younger self after all these years and he responded, “keep your head down, keep working, doing get fired from any of it. It’s all the same stuff you know? If you work hard at something ultimately things will go well… Hopefully there’s luck. I mean luck is involved in so many things but certainly getting to act. There’s just so many talented folks up there and people so much better than you quite frankly.”

The Office on Peacock Show Page©NBCUniversal Peacock
The Office on Peacock Show Page

New fans and old fans can binge the first two seasons of “The Office” on the free Peacock tier. Seasons 3-9 will be available for $4.99 with ads and $9.99 without ads.

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