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The mistake from ‘The Bridgertons’ that a fan of the series has discovered

Do you remember when in ‘Game of Thrones’ what looked like a ’Starbucks’ glass sneaked in? Well, something similar has happened with this Netflix series.

With the second season confirmed, The Bridgertons consolidate as one of the most successful Netflix releases. The data speaks for itself and it is that in the first month it was seen by almost 63 million households, a figure that places it as the fifth best received on the platform, very close to other hits such as Money Heist or Stranger Things.

The fandom phenomenon around this series based on Julia Quinn’s books, has also reached TikTok where some users liven up the wait for the second installment with a challenge that covers the series in the form of a musical. The wardrobe, created by costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, is another of the heavyweights and has revived our taste for romantic dresses, lace blouses and yes, opera gloves too (in the days after its premiere, the search engine Lyst fashion detected a 23% increase in searches for long gloves). Such is the attention that fans direct to the series that some kits have already begun to come to light, only in view of the most savvy. A fan of The Bridgertons warned on Twitter of a failure detected in one of the first episodes, had you noticed?

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In one of the chapters, in an open plane where several horse carriages are seen, a double yellow line of paint can be seen on the asphalt. A perceptive Twitter user (@ westendfan1) was the one who noticed this small failure, something that very soon created a debate on social networks around other historical failures detected in fiction, set in 1813. The Digital Spy portal echoed this tweet, explaining that the lines on the ground began to be seen in London more than a century after the time in which the Shonda Rhimes series is set. These yellow lines began to be used around 1960 to organize parking spaces.

Bridgerton netflix series twitter comment©@westendfan1

As a result of the aforementioned tweet, other users pointed out some errors seen in The Bridgertons, some of them in reference to the costumes. The truth is that the very creator of the designs, the renowned Ellen Mirojnick, has explained in several interviews that licenses were taken when devising suits and dresses, with the aim of updating the silhouettes of those years with contemporary fabrics. “Much of the inspiration for the ornaments actually came from Chanel‘s Spring / Summer 2017 or 2018 collections. There is always something in Chanel that you can wear,” she revealed in Fashionista in relation to the accessories that the protagonists wear.

It is by no means the first time that a clever fan notices a goof of this type. You will remember that in May 2019 the Game of Thrones series occupied countless headlines, and not because of its successful script twists. In one of the shots, the actress Emilia Clarke (who played Daenerys Targaryen) appeared sitting in front of a table on which you could see what looked like a glass from the Starbucks coffee chain. The gazapo went around the world and showed that even in big productions, sometimes mistakes are made.