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Maluma celebrates his birthday by releasing visual album ‘7 Días en Jamaica’

7 new songs, 7 new videos

Instead of asking for a gift himself, Maluma decided to celebrate his birthday by gifting fans with a brand new visual album.

On Thursday, January 28, the Colombian superstar turned 27 years old, and for the occasion, he release 7 Días en Jamaica: a visual album that consists of 7 brand new songs with music videos for each and every one. The surprise project follows the singer during a trip to the Caribbean country, which was inspired by a real vacation Maluma took to Jamaica.

A few minutes before the album was officially released, the singer took to Instagram Live to address an Instagram post he made earlier, posing with someone’s belly. He caused a stir with the photo, making fans believe he was expecting a child--but it turns out that was just a metaphor for his latest baby: the new project.

“Yes, I’m going to be a dad! And the baby is born in 30 minutes,” he joked on the broadcast. ”It’s my sixth child... For the people who thought I was going to be a dad. This is my new baby, 7 Días En Jamaica...This is a project that I’ve been working on for a long time.”

He goes on to explain that the music for this visual concept has been ready for a long time, but because of the pandemic, he had to wait until it was safe to record the music videos.

“When I was in Jamaica, I had the opportunity to be there with producers and composers for an album that was set to release before Papi Juancho,” he continued. “We had it ready, but because of COVID we couldn‘t make the videos so we released Papi Juancho first, but we had all the music ready.”

The visual album follows Maluma as he explores different aspects of Jamaican culture, developing a relationship with a stunning woman, who he met while on the island. The music and the accompanying visuals are inspired by a real trip the singer took to Jamaica.

Those seven days in Jamaica came at a time when I needed to escape and decompress as I had intensely worked non-stop on my career for seven years and I was questioning if I should even continue doing music,” Maluma said in a statement. “I did a lot of soul-searching there and came back a different person, completely inspired and having realized that music is not just what I do, its part of who I am; how I experience and interpret life.”

7 Días en Jamaica consists of seven songs: “Desayun-Arte,” ”Agua de Jamaica,” ”Peligrosa,” ”Chocolate,” ”Love” featuring Charly Black, ”La Burbuja,” and ”Tonika” featuring Ziggy Marley.