La Suerte de Loli
New TV Series

Silvia Navarro pays homage to friendship with her return to television on Telemundo

The new production premieres on January 26 at 10 / 9C.

For Silvia Navarro, 2021 kicks off with new professional challenges. After several years away, the actress returns to the small screen on Telemundo in the series La Suerte de Loli, which will premiere on January 26 at 10 / 9C. In said series, the artist from Guanajuato, Mexico, brings Dolores Aguilar to life, better known as Loli, a star producer at Global Radio, a radio station on the west coast of the United States. Single, addicted to work and with no intention of starting a family, Loli‘s life will be transformed after the unexpected death of her best friend, Mariana (Jacky Bracamontes), who will leave Loli with the responsibility of caring for her two children.

Silvia Navarro©Oscar Ponce
“I came from working on heavy stories, so I wanted to do comedy, I wanted to laugh, make people laugh. Over time opportunities came by and after reviewing several projects, La Suerte de Loli appeared“

Throughout the plot, Loli will learn about love, how to be a mother and above all, she will work on her formula for happiness with her new and recently formed family. In the production Silvia shares credits with a super cast that includes Osvaldo Benavides, Gaby Espino, Christián Chávez, and Giselle Aboumrad, among others, with whom she established beautiful friendships. In an interview with HOLA! USA, the actress shared what it was like to be part of the project, as well as her excitement to bring the intrepid Loli to life.

“La Suerte de Loli, was actually lucky for me ... It is a huge blessing to have work and to be on Telemundo,” said the actress. “La Suerte de Loli is a romantic comedy with gorgeous actors like Osvaldo Benavides, but it is a comedy about love in general, where we demonstrate unbreakable friendships. (The production) is like a tribute to my friends, to my countrymen in Los Angeles, because Loli is Mexican. It is a story about love between friends and about loyalty”. For Silvia, her friends, who are like her sisters, have been an anchor in her life and that is part of what she wants viewers to see in La Suerte de Loli. ”Family, not necessarily your blood family but the one you create, are the ones that give you the tools of life, where you can go home ... your refuge and for me it has been like that in real life, my friends are that”.

La Suerte de Loli©Telemundo
La Suerte de Loli has an all-star cast

Silvia confessed that she fully identified with her character. “If I didn’t have a child I think I would be like Loli, a hard-working, independent woman, zero commitments, focused on work, body and balance. And suddenly, the possibility of children opens up, and that changes the plan, making us realize that love solves everything”.

Navarro said that thanks to this project she had the opportunity to get closer to colleagues with whom he had not previously had the opportunity. “I have incredible costars, great actors, great people, great everything!” For example, she got to know a different of Jacky Bracamontes, whom he previously met at a television station. “I never had the opportunity to get to know the caliber of actress that she is, professionally I think she is better than ever. She showed me so much kindness and caring, she is so honest, beautiful and genuine.”

Silvia Navarro©Telemundo
Silvia Navarro was determined to comeback with a fun and fresh project, and she found it in La Suerte de Loli.

“Gaby Espino ... is a goddess. I see her arrive at hair and makeup and wonder ‘can you make us all look like that?‘ Between laughs she added, ’where is the magic of television?’ Christian (Chávez) makes our workdays feel light. He always comes in full of energy, he is a being of pure light, fun ... I am very lucky to have a great team.”

In addition to having the opportunity to work with great colleagues, Silvia highlighted how safe she felt working hand in hand with Telemundo. “The care they take, and the security protocols put in place so that we could tell this story, I have not seen them anywhere else.”

The kiss that never happened

Safety protocols were such that even during the kissing scenes, there were masks, acrylics and tests to detect the virus at all times. In fact, Silvia confided that she wanted to have a real kissing scene with Carlos Ponce, her idol. “When I was given kissing scenes, we couldn‘t do them the way they are traditionally done. When it was my turn with Carlos Ponce, I repeated in my head ’please, please don’t put the acrylic on me’, but it wasn’t like that ... They put masks and more masks on us and a lot of protection, so that when we got closer (to give the kiss), there would be separation. I just about have the mask framed in my house from my kiss with Carlos Ponce!”, she said with a laugh.