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‘The Bachelor’ episode 2 recap: Villain Victoria, paint fights, and love

Here’s everything that happened in episode 2 and some of the funniest tweets of the night.

It’s Tuesday, the day after ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ and Monday night’s episode was full of first-time make-out sessions, paint, and (unnecessary) drama. Matt James handed out his first date cards of the season and went on two one-on-one dates and one group date that ended with face plants and tears. We started to hear some of the girl’s personal hardships and self-proclaimed Queen Victoria turned into ‘Villain Victoria’ and ruined Cocktail hour with bold accusations of bullying. Here’s everything that happened on episode 2 season 25 of The Bachelor and some of the funniest tweets of the night.

Right at the start of the show we went into date cards, and episode 1 stand out Bri got the first date. The news gave us a first look at what the entire episode would focus on- self-proclaimed Queen Victoria’s nonstop complaining. “I‘m not happy about it” Victoria expressed. Marylynn tried to make her roommate feel better by saying, “we are all jealous” but Victoria interrupted her and said she wasn’t jealous- while at the same time defining the world jealous, “I’m not jealous. I just want that.” On the one-on-one date, Bri and Matt got to hit the muddy plains of Pennsylvania on ATV’s. They were on their own until Bri got behind Matt and they doubled up. It looked like a good idea at first because she almost swerved straight into the trees but Matt proved to be reckless and completely turned over the ATV doing donuts and they both flew off.

Bri had a light limp and was covered in mud but didn’t give Matt a hard time for almost ruining her face. Thankfully for them and the viewers at home there happened to be a hot tub in the middle of the grass. Making Bri this seasons winner of first one in a hot tub. Matt slowly took off the clothes covering his 6-8 pack abs and the sight made Bri speechless, “Okay” she said wide-eyed, glowing. Then for absolutely no reason at all, Matt chopped or “sliced” a piece of wood with an ax in one swing. Bri looked stunning without any makeup in the hot tub and Matt couldn’t help but go in for their first muddy kiss, “I got some mud in my mouth” Matt said with a smile.

We then went back to the house where Victoria was venting to a producer. “I hate this girl power s***. You guys are either lying or fake or f***ing losers, just get off the show.” The producer nodded along. At dinner, Bri wore another amazing dress and they talked about her life and revealed that her mom was a single mom and got pregnant at the age of 13. It used to always be her and her mom but now she is pregnant and engaged and Bri said she felt like she no longer had a home to go to. “Where’s my home? Wheres my family.” They bonded on their similar upbringings without a father in their life and both had this look in their eye. THEY ARE IN LOVE.

Unsurprisingly, Bri got the one-on-one rose on the date and they made out underneath fireworks. Victoria somehow made it about her again and started a fight with the rest of the girls who said she had negative energy. Then Victoria started pointing at the girls claiming they insulted her, including her roommate Marylynn. Victoria then stormed away and grabbed her fur coat and belongings and went to go sleep on the living room couch and said she couldn’t wait until Matt sent Marylynn home so she could have her own room, “like a queen.”

Unfortunately, not everyone was going to have as much alone a time as Bri. The next date was a group date with a list of 18 names. One by one 18 of the girls had their names called, including Queen Victoria. The girls were less than excited about that fact. The first group date was the bizarre wedding photo competition they did last season with Tayshia and Zac, but with a twist. Thankfully the eccentric photographer named Franco from last season was ready to snap photos in a bright pink suit. Jessenia, one of the Latinas of the group, went first and went in for their first kiss. One by one the girls took their fake marriage photos in front of all the other 18 women but Victoria couldn‘t wait any longer and interrupted Puerto Rican beauty queen, Mari. Mari just can’t seem to get a break when it comes to alone time with Matt- in the last episode Katie interrupted her by tapping her on the shoulder with an adult toy. Victoria decided to turn up the heat with a garter belt and went in for an awkward and forced kiss that she later called “passionate.” Twitter disagreed.

Thankfully Chris Harrison interrupted the cringe photos to introduce the other part of the date- a game of capture the flag. Matt wants someone who will “fight for him, fight through anyone and anything for his love” Harrison explained. The only problem was several girls didn‘t get to take the creepy photos and they were upset. Thankfully they had a full hands-on game of “Capture the heart” to get out their rage. The 18 women were put on two teams, red and gold, and there were no rules. They had purses, cakes and other objects to dip in paint to use as ammo to “tag” each other with. Of course, the winning team would continue their romantic evening with Matt while the losing team went home.

The teams were off to a smart start and cut off the bottom of their dresses so they didn’t trip and break their faces. Chris, Franco, and Matt watched from a judging table while the women pelted each other with miscellaneous items. “I‘m seeing women blasting each other,” Matt said with a twinkle in his eye. MJ proved she can take a good hit and Franco ran out to take photos of the chaos while the referee took a nap. Rachael on the gold team had a good run down the field before getting tackled by MJ who later scored a victory for the red team. Mari put up a big fight during the game and fought off at least 4 girls at one time, earning her “the most valuable bride.” Along with a giant trophy, Mari was allowed to join the winning team for the evening with Matt.

Rachael was crushed because she couldn‘t take photos or go on the date and started crying during her interview and her makeup looked perfect in the process. The gold team sulked and walked into the mansion covered in paint and sat on the furniture to shed some tears during a good group cry. Meanwhile, at the group date, Mari looked stunning and gave some serious Selena Quintanilla vibes in a silver shimmering bralette and an Ariana Grande level high ponytail. Matt and Lauren went to talk and had a surprising connection as they bonded over their love of God. Queen Victoria’s dress looked like a bedazzled Oreo and she opened up to Matt about the “insecurities” she has that make her human. She also called him a prize. Matt boosted Victoria’s ego a bit before asking if he could escort her back. Victoria agreed but not before asking for another kiss. And it was awkward… again. In the end, Lauren was given the group date rose. Of course, Victoria was livid. “Were you expecting that?” She asked. “I shared a lot and I went out of my way during the day, so yeah I was kind of thinking I would get the rose. Maybe what I shared wasn’t enough to stand out.”

Sarah got the next one-on-one and her date card read “the sky‘s the limit.” As expected they got on a mini airplane without any helmets and it was super windy. Someone finally gave her sunglasses but she looked like she was gonna throw up at one point. “If we go down we’re going down together,” she said positively. The mini plane then flew over the gorgeous mansion‘s property and all the girls hate waved at the couple. “Okay go away now,” one of the girls exclaimed while waving. The couple talked about how much they love their moms and Matt asked about her father but it seemed like Sarah was hiding something. “She’s a little slow,” James observed. Thankfully they still had dinner to break down walls. Sarah circled back to her dad and revealed his diagnosis with ALS. “Mentally you’re completely the same person but you slowly lose the ability to walk and talk,” she explained with heartbreaking details of what she’s experienced watching his health decline. “Being strong for your family being strong for your dad are the qualities I’m looking for,” Matt told her before giving her the one-on-one rose and they had a sweet slow passionate make-out session that resulted in her highlighter rubbing off on Matt’s nose before his interview. Just when we thought the date was over they got in their bathing suits and made out in another tub.

The Cocktail Party

Then it was time for the cocktail party where we got the first one-sided fight of the season between self-proclaimed Victoria and her unsuspecting ex-roommate Marylynn. But first Abigail, who won the first impression rose started the night and reminded everyone why she is probably going to be in the Top 3 and created a secret signal with Matt whenever they are in a group setting. Whenever she tugs her ear from here on out, it means she wants solo time with him. He agreed. SO CUTE.

Matt then talked to Rachael who was feeling some type of way but Matt reassured her that he still had his eyes on her. He talked to the rest of the girls and finally talked to Marylynn who was nervous having not had any time with him yet. But Matt had a secret vase with an orchid waiting for Marylynn because it’s her favorite flower. She gushed and took the orchid into the room which made Victoria’s eyes just about pop out of their socket before deciding she needed to talk to Matt about this nonexistent “toxic” environment that Marylynn created. “Marylynn was my roommate,” she said before making it sound like Marylynn bullied her into sleeping on the couch and gas-lit Matt in the process. “She’s just so toxic,” she repeated again and again without any evidence to her claims. Nevertheless, the fable startled Matt and put him into detective mode and he said from what he gathered, “Marylynn was bullying Victoria.” The world collectively laugh yelled. Poor Marylynn’s bliss from the orchid ended just as quickly as it started and Matt took her away for a talk.

Victory tried to get the rest of the girls in on the “Marylynn is toxic parade” but none of the girls agreed. “I just don‘t see Marylynn being mean to Victoria... Something is just not adding up” MJ expressed. Marylynn did an amazing job trying to defend herself and knew at that point it was just her word against Victoria’s but Matt still left dramatically.

Victoria tried her best to convince another group of girls that Marylynn was toxic and said stuff that hurt her but she had no takers. She also referred to herself as an empath. Marylynn decided to confront Victoria and asked if they could talk outside but Victoria said no because it was cold. The rest of the girls got up to give them privacy and Marylynn asked where she could sit and once she sat down Victoria stood up to sit further away from her, twice. Marylynn tried her best to come to an understanding and squash the drama but Victoria refused, “we are like oil and vinegar.” Which is basically... salad dressing.

Victoria then stormed away and the experience brought Marylynn to tears. The drama took time away from the rest of them which had women like Kit “pissed off.” The women then confronted Victoria over her decision to tell Matt that type of information during a cocktail hour but Chris quickly intervened to take them into the rose ceremony.

Rose ceremony

Pieper got the first rose of the night and looked stunning in her green dress. Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Kit, Magi, Katie, Serena C and Jessenia, got their red roses but the night came to a shocking end when Sarah walked away from the line feeling light-headed and medics were called to help. “I’m blacking out,” she said.

Episode 2 Top 5 Predictions:


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