Billie Eilish
Bust a Move!

Billie Eilish showed off her twerking skills and we’re impressed

The 18-year-old singer tried a TikTok challenge while shooting her new music video.

One of the many perks of being a celebrity is being able to shop in a store that’s been closed down just for them so they can shop in private. However, Billie Eilish decided not to shut down a mall for the ability to shop, instead, she got access to the mall early before it opened to shoot a new music video for her song, “Therefore I Am.” The singer took to Instagram on Monday to show behind-the-scenes footage of her in the empty shopping center.

The 18-year-old posted a series of seven pictures and videos of her in the Glendale Galleria shopping center, located in downtown Glendale California. She captioned the post, “SWIPE FOR TIA BEHIND THE SCENES LOLLLLLL😁😁 empty mall at 4 am🥳 u see us doing the try not to dance challenge and faaaaaaailing. this shoot was so chaotic LMFAO we had so much fun.”

The first picture is of the “Bad Guy” singer standing in front of empty mannequins holding her dog, Pepper, on a leash wearing an all-black outfit that consisted of a black tank top under a black and white pinstriped shirt, paired with black puffy shorts, black socks, and black ankle boots.

The next clip in the post is of the 18-year-old singing and moving around the empty mall while a camera follows her around. Swipe and the next clip is of Eilish and a crew of people riding around on a golf cart and the fourth video is one that fans swarmed to the comment section of the post to discuss.

The fourth video in the post shows the singer and an unknown man most likely doing the TikTok “try not to dance challenge” that Eilish mentioned in her caption. As music plays in the clip, all of a sudden the singer is seen bopping and at one point twerking. Eilish doesn’t present herself as a dancer so it was a treat to see her bust a move or two. One fan commented, “YOU DID NOT JUST TWERK IM SCREAMING.” Another fan wrote, “BILLIE TWERKING- I NEVER KNEW HOW MUCH I NEEDED THIS.”

Lastly, the final few pictures in Eilish’s post was of her manicured hands posing in front of the mall’s mannequins. It’s safe to say you can find us bopping to Eilish’s new jam while we watch her dancing video on repeat!

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