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Thalia reveals she is ‘traumatized’ after being diagnosed with complicated health symptoms

The star kept it quiet because she thought that only It was a temporary illness

Thalia might not be able to taste the delicious flavors of Mexican food as she was recently diagnosed with Dysgeusia, a distortion of the sense of taste. The singer and actress took to social media to share her concern about this rare and complicated health diagnosis.

“I am traumatized, they [doctors] have just confirmed that I have Dysgeusia. It is an alteration of taste with a constant taste of salt, of metal 24/7 and I can’t stop feeling it. What do I do?” she explained distressedly.

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The telenovela icon said she is so depressed with her situation that to reduce the symptoms; she tries to “drink water with lemon, things with vinegar, and eat things with a lot of salt.”

Thalia can smell but can’t taste

“It’s strange because my sense of smell is perfect,” she reveals. “I can smell everything; When I eat, everything tastes good to me, but after I stop eating, I have this constant taste in my mouth 2/7,” she said. According to Thalia, she has been dealing with this situation since the end of last year but kept it quiet because she thought that it was only a temporary illness.

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“They [doctors] say it could be months or maybe years, and no, I don’t play like that; please tell me if you have dysgeusia because I want to understand more,” Thalia asked her fans, who replied to her request by saying her Dysgeusia could be related to Covid or her kidneys.

What is Dysgeusia?

Dysgeusia is associated with ageusia, the complete lack of taste, and hypogeusia, a decrease in taste sensitivity. According to experts, a diagnosis is usually complicated since the sense of taste is tied together with other sensory systems.

Common causes of Dysgeusia include chemotherapy, asthma treatments, zinc deficiency, Liver disease, hypothyroidism, and more.

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