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Sarah Hyland details difficult moments on the set of Modern Family: ‘I was reaching that certain level of sick’

“There are some episodes of ‘Modern Family’ where I do not remember filming because I was asleep. Dead-asleep.”

Sarah Hyland is opening up about some difficult moments for her on the set of the fan-favorite series Modern Family, revealing that at one point she was “exhausted all the time,” due to a medical condition known as kidney dysplasia.

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“There are some episodes of ‘Modern Family’ where I do not remember filming because I was asleep. Dead-asleep,” she explained, referring to the third episode of the 2011 season, “That entire episode I was asleep for,” she added, “I don’t remember filming it at all.”

Sarah admits she suffered from kidney dysplasia, and was waiting to be eligible for a kidney transplant. “It was right before my first transplant,” she stated, “Because here’s the thing how transplants work. You have to a certain level of sick in order to receive a transplant.”

“So I was reaching that certain level of sick. I was not able to be awake for, like, eight hours at a time. I was so exhausted all the time,” the actress shared.

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“I’d be on the set, we’d be filming and I would be dead asleep, my head on the table,” she explained, “I would hear, ‘And ...’ and my head would go up on ‘and’ and then they yelled ‘action’ and we just went into it and as soon as they yelled ‘cut,’ I’d put my head back down.”

And while she is now in good health, the star says it took a toll on her mental health, experiencing fatigue and discovering her mother had breast cancer while she was battling with her own sickness, “That’s where I felt suicidal. I would avoid going into rejection and being on dialysis at all costs.”

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