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Romeo Santos is back!: ‘I am a thoughtful and romantic man the whole year, and I dedicate February to my fans’

After four years, The King is back to reveal all the details of his new single, his most romantic side, and to talk about the debut of one of his children in his music video

Romeo Santos has chosen the day of love and friendship to surprise his fans and thank them for their unconditional support since the beginning of his career. As a preview of his next musical production, Fórmula, Vol. 3, the so-called “King of Bachata,” has decided to release “Sus Huellas” as the first single and accompany it with a music video that exceeds all expectations.

The singer-songwriter of Dominican and Puerto Rican origin never stops, and his formula goes beyond his albums. In fact, the 40-year-old artist has created the perfect balance between his family and professional life. As a pioneer of modern bachata alongside Aventura or as a soloist, Santos’ goal has always been to evolve with his music. When he is not on social media, promoting a single or doing concerts, he is most likely taking advantage of his time by writing or recording new songs.

When his great loves came together – his three children and music – Romeo decides to explore his creativity further. For the first time, his offspring, Alex, Valentino, and Solano, provide the X factor to make Fórmula, Vol. 3, one of his most personal albums yet.

With his heart overflowing with joy, Romeo Santos gave an exclusive interview to HOLA! USA to discuss the creative process behind his latest track, “Sus Huellas,” and what his fans could expect from the album. The singer-songwriter also reveals how Valentino Santos became part of the visual material previously shared on Instagram..

Romeo Santos©Custom
Foto: Manuel Vélez

You haven’t released an album since 2019. What happened in 2020 and 2021 so that we can enjoy Fórmula, Vol. 3 in 2022?

With the reception of Utopía, I decide to make a massive event to close that cycle. The tour was scheduled to last about two months, and by the seventh show, everything comes to a standstill. I have no choice but to focus on finishing the record. I’m not one of those artists who record 60 songs to choose the best 15 or 20. Since my beginnings, I’ve always produced the songs contemplated for release, which has not been the exception this time.

I already had between 50 and 60 percent of the album when my tour with Aventura ended up in the air due to the pandemic. I don’t like to use this term a lot, but the pandemic was a kind of curse and blessing for me. A curse because I felt emotionally very disappointed and sad for losing friends and loved ones due to COVID. Then comes my moment of blessing when my third child is born.

This record has been around three years in the making, and now it’s 85 to 90 percent done. I’m missing a few touches. Although it sounds cliché, this is my best album until I start working on the next one because my goal is always to improve myself.

You launched your solo career with Fórmula, Vol. 1 in 2011, and then went on to release the albums Fórmula, Vol. 2 (2014), Golden (2017), and Utopía (2019). With the arrival of Fórmula, Vol. 3 (2022), could you tell us if this new album is a direct continuation of volumes 1 and 2, or is it an evolutionary album?

I’d say it’s a combination of both and a bit more. What Fórmula, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 has is the concept of the castle and ‘El Rey de la Bachata.’ In Vol. 3, there are things that I did not do in Fórmula, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Considering my collaborations with Antony Santos, Raulín Rodríguez, Luis Vargas, Marc Anthony, Usher, and Drake, I understood that this factor could complete Formula, Vol. 3 concepts.

Romeo Santos está de vuelta con nueva música en el mes del amor©Hola
Foto: Manuel Vélez

Tell us about ‘Sus Huellas.’ How was that creative process?

I had about six or seven ready songs, and then ‘Sus Huellas’ was born. A song that has so much to say, not only at the level of lyrics but also in melody. Many things allow me to promote this song as a story. Every time I choose a first single, I try to make sure it has a good melody, that it’s danceable, that it has melancholy, an innovative step. Whether you like it or not, ‘Sus Huellas’ is a song that no one can say resembles another track because it has its identity.

‘Sus Huellas’ is accompanied by a spectacular music video in which we see the ‘King of Bachata’ with blue blood and wanting to eliminate the past on multiple occasions. Tell us a little more about the concept.

When I composed the song, I didn’t have in mind everything that can be seen today in the clip. But in hindsight, the video shows that I met the girl very casually, we didn’t have a relationship for years, but we ended up at my house very spontaneously. Obviously, there’s chemistry, and in the song, I’m telling him: ‘Listen, for us to move forward, I have to warn you that I have a very dark past. And she is a woman who marked me, so I’m going to need you to help what could happen to us. If there is a chance, help me forget her because I have her tattooed on me. Burn my lips because I still feel her kisses, and take a knife and rips pieces off me because I still feel her footprints.’

In the end, we see how the girl runs away. More women are also seen because I asked the others to do the same. But honestly speaking, it’s totally absurd to ask a girl that, and that’s why I ended up alone at the end of the video.

Something interesting is the fact of blue blood. I swear on my three kids that it was never intentional, but I love that it works perfectly. Being totally transparent, I didn’t want it to be red to avoid making the scene look brutal or explicit.

Romeo Santos está de vuelta con nueva música en el mes del amor©Hola
Foto: Manuel Vélez

Did you know when you wanted to release the song and video?

I wanted it to be in February. I’ll be sending my fan club and famous friends blue roses to celebrate. This Valentine’s Day, I will replace the red roses with blue.

The start of the video is your son Valentino; tell us about his first leading role with his father.

Whenever I launch a production, I launch a new slogan. I have done it since my beginnings with Aventura. The first was ‘Let me find out.’ I don’t want to brag, but I have popularized common phrases or words, like ‘So nasty,’ and ‘Bananas.’ When I did a remix with Arcángel and Sech, I included a phrase with Valentino. I ask: ‘Who’s the King?’ and he answers: ‘dada.’

That was something I wanted for this album. I began to think about how I could present this trilogy, a fundamental franchise in my career. So, I wanted to give him participation. In fact, I wanted to give my eldest son Alex, Valentino, and my one-year-old son, Solano, participation.

Romeo Santos está de vuelta con nueva música en el mes del amor©Hola
Foto: Manuel Vélez

You are a private person; little is known about your personal life. Does it make you nervous that tabloids or tv shows believe that now they have the right to express an opinion or want to ask inappropriate things about your children?

Honestly, although I have always been very secretive, my greatest pride is my children. I believe that the artist has the right and control to choose what he exhibits and what he keeps. I know that some people want to see more, but that is something that I decide, and when they are older, they have the freedom to go out and present themselves as my children. When I revealed the identity of my eldest son, I asked him first. Alex made the decision.

Would you like Alex, Valentino, or Solano to continue your musical legacy?

Being totally transparent, I wouldn’t like that because I understand how difficult and overwhelming this business is. But it would be selfish to limit or prevent a child who may carry it in his blood. I can speak for my eldest son because he has never been inclined towards music. But if Valentino or Solano decide, I will give them my unconditional support. I would advise them and help them to have a musical identity. This is very important. Look how Enrique Iglesias is as successful as his father, and they have different musical proposals.

Romeo Santos está de vuelta con nueva música en el mes del amor©Hola
Foto: Manuel Vélez

You released the new track and music video on Valentine’s. Could you share an anecdote of how you surprised a girl on Valentine’s Day?

With the mother of my first child! At that time, she lived in the projects, and I went with some friends and a guitar to serenade her at hours that were not very appropriate. I think she couldn’t even hear me. And all the bullies were outside with their beers, looking at me and wondering: ‘Who is this crazy man?’ And that’s what love does. One gets a little confused. But it is the most absurd, and I do not regret it because she is a woman who has been exceptional and incredible as a mother, woman, and human being.

And now that you’re more experienced do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

I consider myself a thoughtful and romantic man the whole year. I dedicate February to my fans like on this occasion. If you have to rely on a single event to give a gift or express your affection and love, you are more likely to fulfill a format or society’s expectations.

Romeo Santos está de vuelta con nueva música en el mes del amor©Hola
Foto: Manuel Vélez

We know you like romance. But is there something that you find super cheesy?

It’s difficult because each person has their way. For me, the most ridiculous thing is not to express your feelings or not to show them with actions. That, to me, is the cheesiest — when you feel something for someone and keep it to yourself. I have even criticized some friends, telling them: ‘leave that machismo and tell her.’

Thanks to your career, you have been able to travel the world; you have access to buy whatever you want; considering this, what kind of gifts impact you?

I enjoy giving more than receiving gifts. I am not sexist, but a few things make me cry. With my children, I have awakened a very sensitive sense.

When they send me videos of my children playing or hugging, I start to cry, or my eyes get watery. It is what fills me the most. Reading the lovely comments from people who appreciate what I do fills me up a lot in my job. Watches and things like that are a vanity that one feeds. In fact, I am the one who ends up giving away valuable things because it is not what satisfies me.

To conclude this wonderful interview, invite all our readers and your fans to delight in your new single and music video.

I want you to know that even though I don’t have a release date for the album yet, I plan to release two or three singles before. I am extremely excited and at a stage in my life where I know what to do. I appreciate being on the cover of HOLA! USA, it’s a privilege! And again very eager and anxious to share all this music with all of you.

Romeo Santos está de vuelta con nueva música en el mes del amor©Hola
Foto: Manuel Vélez

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