Will Smith

Will Smith passes gas with confidence while training with the Miami Dolphins

Will really got the full length in motion

Working out can get intense, especially if you’re using the right form. But when you need to stretch, it’s good to relax every muscle and let it flow. While it could be hard to really let go, Will Smith was able to reach peak relaxation while training with the Miami Dolphins and farted (loudly) in front of a room full of athletes, crew, microphones, and cameras. The hilarious actor shared the moment on Instagram with narration, “training with the Miami Dolphins was going great… Until that morning coffee snuck up on me.”

Smith was in the middle of talking about how fantastic the stretch felt when he let out the audible sound. Smith apologized with a laugh, “Sorry about that Steve.” The cameraman couldn’t help but laugh and Smith took it to the next level by asking if they had a shower around.

Of course, everyone in the comments loved the fact that Smith shared the hilariously embarrassing clip. “I’ll sleep better at night knowing that celebrities 💨 too 😂😂,” one fan wrote. Director Michael Bay even got in on it and commented, “We would of cut that out -young movie crews like to show authentic.!! That’s why I love you Will you keep it real.”

Smith began working out after putting on some weight during the pandemic and has been sharing his journey with fans. His docuseries Best Shape of My Life premiered in November and the 6 episode series shows Will as he aims to get in “the best shape” of his life with the goal of losing 20 pounds in 20 weeks.

The actor accomplished his goal and has continued to shred (and fart) in the gym. “There‘s nothing I’ve ever experienced like changing your body that teaches the rules of the universe,” he said in the series. “Transforming and cultivating a healthy body and healthy mind is really similar to the macro process of cultivating a better world,” the Fresh Prince star added.

It’s clear there is no stopping Smith and he has laughed along the way. Along with the hilarious fart video he shared an edit of him starting a lawnmower. “That’s GENIUS!! Hahahaha,” he wrote in the clip tagging the creator @shrimpdady.

If you want to get fit like Smith his trainer Aaron Ferguson’s program consists of a sustainable new diet and workout routine. “The basic framework is two days of resistance training, then we take off, then we do two more days,” he said. Per Men‘s Health, day 1 is typically arms and abs, day 2 is legs, followed by a rest day. Then core on day 4 and a mix on day 5 before repeating. Will also runs every morning, “Will’s a big fan of doing cardio first thing in the morning so we’ll do some sunrise runs,“ Ferguson explained. ”When I say ‘some’, I mean every morning.”

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