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Matthew McConaughey says he faced rejection like his ‘Sing 2’ character Buster Moon

Read the actors advice for artists following their dreams

Matthew McConaughey’s determined koala character “Buster Moon” is ready to show the world all he’s got in the animated film Sing 2. The adorable sequel to Sing starring the voices of McConaughey, Bono, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Tori Kelly, Halsey and more hits theaters on December 22 and it will have you laughing and singing along the entire time. The musical comedy follows Mr. Moon as he plans the biggest show of his life. But of course, he must overcome obstacles, like convincing the retired rockstar “Clay Calloway” (Bono) to be in the production. HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to McConaughey about the film ahead of its release where he opened up about facing rejection like Mr. Moon, the artists he wishes he could have worked with, and the advice he would give to artists chasing their dreams. Watch the video and read the full interview below.

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So at the start of the film, Buster moon hears those brutal words. You are not good enough. Does that line bring any memories back to when you were at the start of your career? Just determined to show what the world, what you had? 
I never heard anyone say ‘you’re not good enough.’ That’s a really nasty thing to say. I did get rejected and said ‘you don’t have what it takes for this.’ ‘What you‘re doing is not cutting the mustard.’ ‘Next, please.’ And I think that’s all part of pursuing any dream that we have. We’re gonna get rejected and we should get rejected. We shouldn’t be able to do everything. Sometimes rejections are very good, cuz they either make you say, ‘Oh, I‘m gonna try harder.’ Or ‘you know what, I’m gonna pick a different path.’ So I didn’t have anyone say ‘you are not good enough,’ but I had many times where I was- it was very clear. They let me know, ‘you’re not chosen for this job.’

So I know you’ve worked with a lot of stars, but is there a Clay Callaway for you when it comes to an artist that you either want to work with or wish you could have? 
You know, it would’ve been wonderful to work with the late Paul Newman, he’s since moved on. Musician wise though it’d be great to create something with Bob Dylan.

So there are millions of up-and-coming artists, just like Mr. Moon. I’m one of them. What is your advice for artists in this day of age?
Well, make sure you have the innate ability to do what it is you’re chasing. Make sure you really got the goods. Because it’s a fool’s errand to chase something if you’re not good at it. So first if you have the innate ability, now get ready to hustle. Take more risks, get empowered by the world, telling you, ‘no.’ Cuz look- in this, if you’re an artist, there’s no help wanted signs. No one’s looking. No one’s looking for the next one going, ‘please. We’ll take it.’ It’s a privilege to be able to do it, and you gotta take an underdog’s mentality to do it. So take more risk, and see the failure in the rejection as part of the gig.

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