Alex Rodriguez Thanksgiving
Happy family

Alex Rodriguez to spend Christmas with his ex-wife and daughters

Rodriguez also spent this Thanksgiving alongside his ex-wife and their families.

Alex Rodriguez plans to spend the holidays with Cynthia Scurtis, his ex-wife. The former partners and parents of two have a great relationship, demonstrated by their harmonious co-parenting and their penchant for spending time together alongside their extended family.

According to an insider that spoke to US Weekly, Rodriguez plans to spend Christmas with Scurtis, and claims that the two have been spending lots of time together following his break up with Jennifer Lopez. “It’s like they’re one big happy family when they’re together,” said the source. The source also claim that Alex has a great relationship with Cynthia’s current husband, Angel Nicolas, a real estate agent based in Miami. “[The men’s] relationship has turned into a friendship — they support each other. There’s no bad blood there.”

According to the source, now that Alex is single, he has had more time to spend with his family and his daughters, something that he treasures. “He‘s single and isn’t in a committed relationship so he has more downtime — and [he] genuinely enjoys hanging out with his family,” they said.

Alex and Cynthia have known each other for years, meeting in the ‘90s, at a gym in Miami. It wasn’t until 2002 that the two decided to give their relationship a chance and got married. They divorced in 2008, with Cynthia filing for divorce. While their relationship faced some ups and downs, they appear to be on great terms. Alex and Cynthia share daughters Natasha, 17, and Ella, 13.